Attention Quinton Porter

Since we have a new QB and a new Head Coach and Offensive Co-ordinator ( Cortez )
What do you think they will do with Porter .

I think Porter is ready to blossom under Cortez . Cortez is a guy who made Jeff Garcia, Dave Dickinson, Green BAY'S Rogers and Burris. Porter has 4 years of CFL experience and he an run and has a strong arm he just needs some tweaking from a guy like Cortez .

If you read this post Quinton it's' your time to take the next step under Cortez .

By the way , I am one of your biggest backers . I just think you may need this change top turn on a few lightbulbs and then you could dominate. Learn tp better read defences and identify their tendencies and weaknesses and dealing with broken plays nad secondary receivers . My girlfriend is also a big fan of yours so make it happen or she will be crushed :slight_smile:

I was a fan of Porter's during his first two seasons here. I then realized that he was no better

in year three than he was in year one. If Cortez plans to keep this guy, its now or never IMO.

Its time for Porter to virtually break out of his shell and show Ticat nation his God Given talent.

If he fails at training camp or in the first few games, I say dump him.

I'm sure Cortez, being the astute coach that he is will have plenty of competition in traning camp

trying out for the position of QB.

I think QP was much better last year than he was the previous, but still not quite there yet.

With Cortez’ successful history with the spread offense, I’m hopeful that Porter will emerge as an outstanding CFL QB once Burris is done.

This will be a very interesting story line to watch.

Absolutely Captain.

The storyline for me will be who will be the next QB brought in to push Porter down the depth chart and possibly out. I saw what he was able to do in relief of Glenn in Winnipeg during the East final. Precious little. Three years done and he is what he is.

Time will tell.

Oski Wee Wee,


Really too bad about Glenn, I met his mother at the quarterback challenge at York Univ. years back and such a wonderful, beautiful women. Man I wished it had worked out here in Hamilton with a ring. Oh well. :?

If Coach Cortez can rejuvenate old Hank then maybe he can work some of his magic with Quinton. Porter has done a pretty good job as backup QB, one of the league's top scorers.

IIRC, the whole team stunk. Why lay it on one?

He couldn't move the ball, if he played a good game we might of won. I don't think porter makes it out of camp this year.

My comments should not be interpreted as being limited only to the East final performance by Porter. It is understanding what his limitations are after three years in the system and that the clock is ticking, IMHO. You have a guy who is good at running goal line option / 3rd down gamble dives and QB draw plays, but ask him to go through his second and third progressions on a sustained basis in the passing game and you get the pocket presence of Linda Blair from The Exorcist with happy feet.

Was he better last year at times than he had been before? Yes. Did that amount to something earth-shattering? No, enter Burris. There simply wasn't enough sustained QB play for Porter to usurp Glenn in Marcel's revolving door experiment late in the season.

Perhaps Cortez can fix him...but I am skeptical. Not every QB who is about to hit thirty pulls a Calvillo-understudying-Ham retooling and comes out smelling like a rose.

Oski Wee Wee,


I am a fan of porter also and still thinks he can do it, but that bolTus guy has caught my eye, if both can get better,and when burris quits in 2 yrs,we will be looking good at QB.


Maybe Cortez won't force a natural running QB to become a pocket QB, since he's realized from his past successes that allowing a QB to play to his strengths can lead to good results.

With the team bringing in someone with George's experience and success in mentoring quarterbacks, along with his expertise as an OC, this could be a great opportunity for Quintin to develop and blossom. Burris, another QB with similar traits, can also help coach him along.

I feared QP got left behind in the Jones - Glenn partnership last year.

We may now finally discover if Porter has the stuff.

He was a good team player last year taking the third down and goal line snaps without a complaint and certainly excelled at it. As such, I think he deserves this chance to prove himself under better circumstances.

Good points. I'm with you on it.

I think this is key. QP is a round peg, Glenn was a square peg.