Attention: NFL Fans That Think Toronto Will Get A Franchise

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The National Football League's goal, on a multi-national basis, is to support football wherever it is played. NFL Canada, formed in 1997 as a division of NFL International, was created with this goal in mind.

Canadians enjoy a rich history of watching and playing professional football, with both the National Football League and the Canadian Football League. The National Football League, through NFL Canada, makes complementing and working in partnership with the Canadian Football League a priority. Both leagues share the goal of strengthening the interest, awareness and participation in football among Canadians.

Even Pinball in his book indicates that he thinks that at some point, Toronto will get an NFL franchise. He has no time frame and no one does really so such a statement is meaningless really.

Remember, Slam is the same company as the Sun and this is where Godfrey once worked, their dream is to get an NFL franchise for Toronto and will write as such that this will happen. Doesn't mean much ie. yes, it could happen at some point. But again, no time frames and meaningless without this information. Sort of like me saying, so and so is going to die one day. Sure, but when, who knows, don't think everyone is waiting around waiting.

Also, with the GC in Toronto next year, watch for this type of writing to increase out of much of the Toronto based media, I'm almost sure this will happen, will be interesting to read all the "wow, the NFL is coming to Toronto, wow, the NFL is coming to Toronto." Should be fun and hilarious to watch all the idiots get caught up in this.

I don't think Toronto will get a franchise anytime soon for the following reasons.

  1. The NFL wants to work with the CFL to promote football. Putting an NFL franchise in Toronto would jeopardise the CFL.

  2. The NFL wants to go to L.A.

  3. The NFL has lots of money from TV contracts and doesn't need to expand into Canada, or anywhere else, for that matter.

  4. Skydome doesn't have the minimum seating capacity for the NFL. I highly doubt that Ontario taxpayers will fund another big stadium in Toronto.

  1. Putting an NFL franchise in Toronto may decrease attendance for Buffalo Bills games.

Yes r4, as long as the Bills are there, there will absolutely be no Toronto NFL franchise.
While I'm not wishing for it by any means as it is good all-around for the CFL to have a franchise in Toronto especially one as historical and with so much tradition as the Argonauts, if Toronto didn't have a CFL franchise, the CFL would survive just fine, maybe harder to get some corporate sponsorship with say the NFL in Toronto, but I think this would be an impetus for the rest of us in Canada to really support our teams, telling Toronto that we don't care if you have an NFL franchise or not.
But also, an NFL presence in Canada would be good for the game of football I think, playing a regular season game here once in a while, not important for me but would really show people how entertaining our game is on average compared with the NFL game.

Toronto will get an NFL franchise when Winnipeg get its NHL team back.

There are about six million cities in the US that would support an NFL team better than Toronto. A crowd of 20,000 in an NFL stadium would be considered an embarrasment. Average attendance in the NFL is 67,000. And some of the towns they play in (like Green Bay) you have populations around the same size as Regina. Toronto would have to go absolutely football crazy before it would even be considered. So right around the same time there are 70,000+ fans fighting to get into Argo games is the time you'll see the NFL seriously consider a TO franchise.

Also, the many thousands of southern Ontarians that go to games in Buffalo are there for the drinking and tailgaiting which the Rogers Centre can't offer being in a downtown location, not near the extent of the big parking lots around Wilson Stadium in Buffalo. Even if Toronto had a NFL team, most of these people would still go to Buffalo for this tailgaiting. The only way to get this type of younger, tailgaiting crowd would be if Toronto had a stadium in the suburbs with lots of parking and I don't see anything on the horizon for such a stadium being built.


If Toronto had an NFL team...

Even though hockey is Canada's first great love, a chance to field a team in the NFL - the richest, most permeating pro sports league in the world - would be taken advantage of.

I'd really like to see the CFL and NFL merge and blow up the AFC/NFC split, but this is a logistical nightmare as far as I know. First of all, there's no room for THREE teams in the Niagara region (it's not New Jersey). Most Canadian NFL fans have their own NFL allegiances, creating the challenge of fan approval. And of course...the climate of Edmonton, Calgary, Regina, and Winnipeg, would pose a scheduling challenge in the last months of the season (whenever it would be).

Actually there are three good reasons we wont get an NFL franchise anytime soon:

(1)Los Angeles
(2)Los Angeles
(3)Los Angeles

Seriously, besides small stadiums in Canada, The NFL have much bigger markets in the US to fill first.

If Toronto or any city in Canada builds a new Wembley type stadium, the NFL might look at this if there is huge money behind this but who in their right mind would spend hundreds of millions on a stadium without a team?

A Side From The Fact That No One Wants The nFL In Canada (Well Most Of Us Don't) Toronto Spors Fans Are Extremely Fickle. Look At The Jays, Look At The Raptors. The Problem Is That There Is Way Too Much Support For The Leafs. The CFL Is Luckly That Most Of The Season Doesn't Overlap The Hockey Season However The nFL Would Be Competing All Season Long With The Leafs And That's One Battle I Don't Think The nfL Would Win.

The Other Problem That Most americans Don't Notice Is The Hugh Percent Of Toronto's Population That Came To Canada From Other Countries. Countries Where They Have Never Seen A Football Game And Have No Clue How The Game Is Played. Since These People Useally Aren't Willing To Spend $35 To Watch A CFL Game To Find Out I Don't Think That They'd Be Willing To Spend $60.

Yes Bamboo, a lot of the population in Toronto is from countries where soccer rules big time, I think Toronto has one of the largest percentages of any North American city with immigrants from other countries. And the NFL knows this I'm sure.

Do Torontonians think by not supporting the CFL and selling out the Skydome every night that they will get an NFL franchise?

Wake up Toronto!!! Why don't you guys just join the USA you love it so much already.

Low blow, very very very low blow.

Not going to happen in our life time.

Actually, Toronto getting a NFL franchise within the near future is less likely than KK admitting that he’s really saskargo’s secret love slave. (Sorry for the visual, guys and gals) :lol:

oh, BTW guys, I'm Saskargo's secret love slave. She says hey to you all, and other choice words.

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