Attention Marcel , Let's give Casey something to work with

Marcel ,

We need to give Casey a decent group of recievers that know how to run routes and get open . Right now , maybe Ralf and Armstead fits that category .

We need to give him to other quality import recivers to choose from ( I am not sure if Curry , Walker, Gardner ,or Mccants ) fits that role . Baumann and French are ok as backups for now . We should use radlein at fullback to make sure we can use as amny american recievers as possible ...

Any ideas on what recievers we can use ? of course GEROY SIMON would be perfect :slight_smile:

For some reason it seems that Marcel refuses to bring in players with much CFL experience and the results show...
It seems they are bringing in NFL cuts now ..and loften and the new dlineman sound like good ones ...let us pray

oh yes and please remove roberts from the secondary and replace with karikari and move cody back to safety

has Harden DONE anything at linebacker ?

I think we will see a few more vets shipped out for younger, cheaper players as prep for the Cats freeing up $ to go after Simon and a few other key free agents next year.

I'm sure management has already id'd the guys they know they will be going after.

For some reason it seems that Marcel refuses to bring in players with much CFL experience
Like who?

Anyways...whats with all the 'open' letters to Marcel, Taaffe, ect? You simply can extect to blow up a team and then be able to fill the entire roster from head to toe in one off season. Give it time, let them bring in players through the rest of this year and through the off season. Moreno and Setta were guys brought during the end of the season last year.


I would have to say that they have done a terrbible job this far in bringing in good american talent and / or good CFL talent . They have doen an incredible job however of bringing in good young Canadian talent on both lines for example . No tema has better good young canadian lineman ( BEKASIUK , MCKAY , REID ,WAYNE on the D line and Dyakowski, gagne-Marceaux ) on the OLINE .

Their handling of the defensive backs , recivers and DLINE in reagrds to good import talent has been terrible . At this point we could sure use GOSS and Kornegay in the backfield and it has been a revolving door of poor players with the exception of CODY and possible Anderson .

They have really no good import D-lineman to speak and never really did . How do they expect to win without a couple of import studs on the d0line like in past years ( montford, walker, covington, cheatwood ) this is an area in dire need of a couple of big strong americans ...

the reciever position is similar to the dback situation . Prior to armstead they had no real go to guy or anyone with success in the CFL. At this point they are mostly marginal prospects . Any players with CFL experience/ success were let go too soon ( T Anderson ) ...right now it is a mess and there is no enough talent to allow Baumann to start in place of a good import . They should look at how the argos handle this area ...they are stacked and even got rid of palmer and maybe mookie mitchel is next ....
I am hoping gardner and mccants have something to give

not sure what the cats are doing wit the one linabacker position ( harden ) if he is not doing much then start Mariuz ..same goes with dickerson at fullback ..if he is not doing much oput radlein in there and these 2 moves free up 2 import spots ..Am I the only one that sees this ?

I have to say I would love to see Geroy Simon in a cats uniform, I think with the addition of him wewould have a very good ariel attack and that would open up our run even more as well, so our offence would be set maybe one or two good o lineman but we would be set and be pretty dangerous. Now defence, thats a whole new thread.


Geroy's sub par play this year
and Jason Clermont's signing

makes the CFL's reigning
Most Outstanding Player

ripe for the picking
in the free agent market.

[b]Simon Manages Just One Catch

Lowell Ullrich, The Province
Monday, September 10, 2007
click here

"Right now I just feel like
I'm someone else out there.

I'm not Geroy Simon making plays
like I did in the past," he said dejectedly.

"Maybe I've got to look at some tape
of the past and see how I made them."

Goss didn't want to be here and Kornegay stunk.