Attention June Jones your running back choice for this game--fans please vote

And how many carries has Gable had compared to the first game with Green...then there's the improved Oline play in that game....

It’s a chicken/egg problem isn’t it? Does an RB get more carries because he’s producing yardage, or does he produce yardage because he’s getting more carries? Does he get more carries because his team is controlling play and scoring, or does he get fewer because the team is struggling and behind on the score?

For me, if your back isn’t grinding out 5 or more yards per carry, on average, and busting first downs and the odd big gainer, he isn’t getting the ball. When you only get two downs to make your 10 yards, a two yard run or a stumble over your own feet, doesn’t inspire the OC or QB and get a lot of repeat calls.

Exactly. Even with the weak O-Line Gable had a few 10+ yard runs. Earlier in the season there was a game where Gable ripped off two 1st down runs back to back on the opening drive. After that he barely saw the ball for the rest of the game. As usual Austin abandons the run whether it was working or not.

Green would not have flourished in Austin's offence either.