Attention June Jones your running back choice for this game--fans please vote

You say you are asking the players for their advice o n who to play . Gable or Green.

Well what about asking us hard core fans too then .

My vote is Green by a long shot as Gable has never had a game like Green had and Gable has had countless bad games and drops the ball alot.

Forget about the concept that you shouldn't lose you job due to an injury ,,as Bob Obillivich said "Better is better

ALEX GREEN is my vote

I think both players deserve to start this game and, since the coach has asked other players, and will ask the other coaches, for their opinions, I think I'd also ask Gable and Green. I'd sit them down, together, and say that no established starter on this team will lose his position due to injury, but also that the general rule will always be better is better. In this case, Alex, last week, performed so well, and maybe even better than C.J. has in any game this year, that he, under the second rule deserves to start, while C.J. deserves to under the first rule. So, each will start one of our next two games. Do either of you (the 2 players) have a preference on which game you'll start? Then, if the answers don't settle it, I'd start Green, giving Gable an extra week's rest and recovery period before having to present, on field, his case to keep his starter's status.

I think they will start Gable and then regret it and start Green the rest of the way .

Hopefully starting Gable is not such a bad decision that costs him the game . I am thinking it could be as Green won the game for us last week

When Argos rb Brendon Whitaker is healthy in a week ( on 1 gane injured list ) Do you think they will put him over Wilder who has had 2 outrageous games and will likely play really good against us .

I think they would keep Wilder in just like we should keep Green in .

This team makes player decisions that drive me crazy.......letting go of John Chick for nothing eliminating what little pass rush we had . His replacement Tracy doesn't get to the QB much and we shoul dbe bringing in NFL cuts to grab that job. Then letting go of Will Hill who was a ball hawk and blocked two field goal attempts in one game and hits very hard and started in the nfl for years ..they also let go of two quality receivers in Tyms and Collins JR leaving us with virtually nothing behind our import starters ..the other Collins is not a very good player and Aultman is very unproven. The also dumped Dyakowski who is now starting for the best oline in the CFL in SASK and we could have used his experience and we'd have more depth as we have none now aside from an unproven Rice.

In the off season , it was clear we needed olineman and db help and a sam linebacker
They addressed none of these, In fact , they let go olinemen Figuerero ( starting for eks), Simmons and Lewis ( both starting for montreal) and we let rico murray and johnny sears sign with the argos

all bonehead moves leaving us very weak in the oline and defensive backfield . The oline issue and db issue is a big reason why we started 0-8 and Collaros was running for his life with two rookie offensive tackles.

we also have let go super special team players like plesius and beau landry and our special team play has been hurting since

we also continue to play Courtney at safety and he very seldom makes any plays or big hits ...he gets to the play late time and time again..he has blitzed countless times and not got to the qb .which leaves a big hole in the middle of our defence.the other game was his first time getting to the qb . He never knocks down passes or gets interceptions.

I also think this team has failed to being in a fast strong running back prior to last week , Gable has been more of a fullback and blocking back and gets injured all the time . This is partially due to Austin's pass only offence . I watched film of him in his rookie year and he was faster and had more jump to him . After his rookie year he has went downhill to the point that we had no running game for years .

Now we have a running game with Masoli and Green ..let's hope June Jones does the right thing and puts Green in there again

Maybe the right thing is CJ. Unless you’re at each practice and fully understand what is being asked each week. Every opposing teams defense is different which will dictate game planing and the right personnel ..armchair coaches have no clue who should or should not start. IMHO....let the coach decide, not the fans. If it’s CJ....fine. If it’s Green.....fine. It will be based on a professionals assessment of the team needs for the next game.

Good points Lennywasout

I agree they know much more

My only issues is the logic of " not allowing a player to lose their position of they get injured "

This seems to be playing a major role in the decision otherwise it would be a no brainer.

I have watched Cj Gable closely for years and he has has never ran like Green did last week.

Just like Wilder for the Argos ...I doubt they will pull him for whitaker because of the rule " not allowing a player to lose their position of they get injured "

Thanks for the courteous and wise response lennywasout. I knew you had it in you :slight_smile:

Alex Green

Not all fans read this board. I think we need a city-wide referendum. Although even that doesn't account for those fans who live outside the city limits. I'm at a loss here...

I understand that EXPAT.....just trying to get some feedback from this site where there are alot of knowledgeable fans


I'm hoping its Green, I like how he hits the hole and he can juke either way

Set up a poll:!

Green Machine ?

Just like in hockey, when a goalie is hot, even if he is the backup goalie, you leave him in and ride the streak until it ends. Green should start and if he falters then CJ, but myself I am not a fan of CJ, nothing spectacular in my book. Wilder Jr should start for Toronto too, Walker is no better than CJ IMO.

BTW- the HC asking the PLAYERS who should start is weak; he is the HC, pull on the big boy pants and make a decision. He is afraid to be wrong so this way he can pass on the blame if the starter tanks.

Ok, I watched the Sept 28 video, he did not say he is asking the players, he said he is going upstairs to discuss it and then will discuss it with the players once the decision is made. He did say he asked a couple of players on the 27th.

Does anyone know whether Jones checks these threads during the day to seek the advice of fans?

Or does he wait until he gets home at night as he's getting ready for bed to check these threads for the advice of fans?

That's a funny one EXPAT
But I would not be surprised if some of the players and management check this site

i was complaining about a manager a few years back that is still employed by the ticats and he sent me a private message explaining himself

Well...if he checked these forums...they might have 4 wins by now.

And, we probably would not have gone 0-8. In a sci-fi inspired eerie kinda way, if the team had read these forums, the outcome might have been different and Jones may not even have been here. So, he wouldn't have read the forums because he/they would not exist in Hamilton!

Aw, well, its past midnight and I'm too tired to make sense.

A guy in TC Land has one good game and we are ready to hand him the keys to the city.

Anybody remember the game in BC during the 2009 season? Otis Floyd got a pick for us on BC's final drive to secure a victory for the Cats. To me that was a key turning point moment for the organization as it brought us out of the dark ages of 2008. That led to the somewhat respectable Marcel B era.

But the other hero in that game was an unknown RB named Deandra Cobb playing in his first game. He tore up the BC defense. However it wasn't long before the fans were on him for not hitting the holes hard enough. A couple seasons later he was run out of town.

The point is that we've had so many of these RBs or returners that are game changers for a little while and then quickly fizzle out. Let's just take a wait and see approach to Green before we make any potentially regrettable decisions about Gable.

For what it's worth, I concur.

We're too quick to praise and then later, discard.

C'mon now. No one is giving "him the keys to the city". It's about starting one over the other. It's not about keeping one on the team & cutting the other one. Everyone has their opinions & that's fine, but don't make this about something it's not. Green had a great game last week. Gable hasn't had 100 yards rushing in a game for a longlong time. For that reason alone, Green should start. Doesn't mean we cut Gable. Yeesh!

So, does anybody think that a 'run and shoot' coach will employ a split-T formation with 2 halfbacks AND a fullback even though we have a weak offensive line? It would certainly surprise the Argos!

Back to the 1940's with George Halas. :slight_smile: