Attention Hamilton TICATS

It's time to step up tonight and make it happen as you are losing fan interest weekly and this could start to become a disaster .

The argos have a very depleted recieving corps where they are forced to use their forth QB at receiver let's key on BRUCE and tie these guys up . Williams should be able to get soem first downs with his own legs and he has 3 very tall targets in Rodriguez , Baumann and Mitchell to throw at .

I hope NML # 9 COMES TO PLAY TONIGHT ..we need the pass rush ....

We are at home against a hated and weakened ARGO team ..this is not a game we should lose ..

no excuses ..caulley , williams and walker are very capable repalcements fro lumsden , printers and miles .....

let's hope williams breaks out and we get a passing touchdown ..

my prediction is 28 - 27 for the good guys