Attention Fans in Kingston

So, it looks like i'm going to be moving from London to Kingston this summer. I'm wondering if there are any members of this forum that might be interested in getting together for CFL games at the pub. (Where is the Kingston hotspot for CFL fans?) I will also be looking to get season tickets for Queen's if anyone would like to join me.

What CFL team is most popular in Kingston? Toronto? Montreal? Ottawa?

I'll beat someone to it: Green Bay. :wink:

Hey Josh,

I'm originally from Kingston (not at the moment, I'm off in school in Ottawa). When it comes to CFL in Kingston, my experience has been that it's an incredible niche market. Outside of most high school teams and Queen's, Kingston football fans focus a lot more on the NFL (this is helped with Cory Greenwood, our hometown boy who made the Chiefs) over the CFL.

Plenty of bars and pubs downtown will broadcast the games though!

Best of luck


I am the walking hotspot for CFL fans in Kingston. :slight_smile:

Just kidding, of course. I’ve actually got a colleague who’s an Als fan and another who’s a CFL fan, but mostly just tunes in at Grey Cup time. There’s also the guy who I see wearing a Blue Bomber jacket. Lucky for him, there’s always glass between us, or it’d be covered in spit :lol:

If I want to go out to see a game, I usually go to Fanatics, located at Princess and Barrie in downtown Kingston, near the Metro (grocery store, not the subway in Montreal), and also a short walk from Queen’s campus. They don’t always show CFL games on their big screens, but each booth has its own screen, and if you ask, they’ll give a little box that you can play audio through. If you want to meet there for a game some time, I’d be up for that. My wife will probably be happy that I have someone else to go see games with, so she doesn’t have to come with me. There are a few other places that show CFL games too, but they don’t have nearly as many screens as Fanatics.

There are actually quite a few CFL fans in Kingston. I’ve seen people dressed in gear from all 8 teams. TiCats, Argos, and Riders mostly (and Eskies fans are suspiciously rare for some reason). There might be more Green Bay fans than CFL fans, though. Maybe they’re Eskies fans in disguise, what with the same colours and all.

I live very close to Richardson Stadium, where the Queen’s Gaels play. I’m not sure about season’s tickets, but you could probably convince me to go to at least one game. If you’re coming here as a Queen’s student, you might even be able to get tickets free.

I live in Belleville and could make the drive out once or twice. :slight_smile:

A short drive down the 401 and you can watch CFL games live :thup:

So those of you from or now living in Kingston, being halfway between Toronto and Montreal and a little closer to Ottawa, there is no way it would work?
With a small little stadium obviously increased to let's say 25k, a rich owner and corporate support.

Wouldn't ever happen.

For one, Kingston's a hockey town, there is no argument about it. Secondly, with a population just approaching 125k, and NO major corporate sponsors in town it'd never be viable.

Hell, even Queen's fudged up in trying to make a new football stadium, as well as the refuse to touch the aging Richardson Stadium.

It's sad though, Kingston once held the Grey Cup in 1922 if I'm not mistaken!

Thanks, guys! I'm really looking forward to the move to Kingston. London is sooooo dull and just a downer in general. I'm excited for the new. lol. Plus, Kingston just looks like a beautiful city! I'm planning on getting to the odd CFL game in Ottawa and Montreal...probably not so much in Toronto though. lol.

I would like to get season tickets for Queen's just because I love CIS football anyway, plus VIP season tickets are only $125 bucks!

Anyway...back to my apartment search via Kijiji. lol

Don't see it working.

Actually, when I realized that Kingston's population was roughly the same as Moncton's and the travel times from Kingston to Montreal, Ottawa, and Toronto were similar to the travel time between Moncton and Halifax, I became extremely skeptical that Moncton would be a suitable place to put a CFL team.

Perhaps if Queen's does ever follow through on their stadium plan, then the new Ottawa team could hold their training camp here as part of a regionalization strategy. Possibly, they could hold a pre-season game between Ottawa and Toronto (it's close to the midpoint of the two cities). A full-time team would be a mistake, though, in my opinion.

On a non football note: I am now officially moving to Kingston in August/September. I'm going to St Lawrence College and my girlfriend has been accepted to Queen's. Any tips on what area to look at apartments in? (We are a 5-10 walk to downtown core type of people)

Don't live in Kingston, Josh, but from what I know you've made a great choice. Mrs MadJack and I spend the August long weekend in Kingston every year (there's a sidewalk sale downtown that weekend) and we have always found Kingston to be a delightful city. Very scenic, a terrific set of bookstores, and if you are into Cambodian food there are several really good Cambodian restaurants in the city. If you aren't familiar with it, it's sort of a cross between Vietnamese cuisine and Thai.

I did my masters there for a year. I had a great little apartment around Gore St. & Bagot St. There's some nice places just to the East of the big courthouse in Kingston that are equidistant from Queen's and Downtown. If you can find one for decent rent, you'll have a good time there.

Thanks for all the tips and feedback, guys!

Anyone up for getting season tickets with me for the upcoming season? As I said before, VIP season tickets are only $125. :rockin:

I was at another Kingston bar called the Iron Duke a couple weeks ago which posted a sign saying that they showed all CFL games. It would be nice if Fanatics would show the same dedication, since they're set up better for sports viewing, although the Duke has a nicer atmosphere (according to my tastes).

They show every CFL game? Wow! Do you have any idea how hard it is to get any bar to show any CFL game here in London? lol The more I learn about Kingston, the more excited I get about moving there!

UPDATE: We have officially found an apartment. I'll be moving to the limestone city in mid/late August...counting down the days. :rockin:

I've checked the location of Fanatics and the Iron Duke in relation to my place: According to mapquest, the Iron Duke is an 8 minute walk, and Fanatics is a 6 minute walk. Sounds good to me!

Josh if you are looking to play QB1 in Kingston ( unfortunatley no CFL games as far as I know), the only place to play it is at Eastside Mario's on Division St. There are 6 or 7 of us that play every Monday night starting in Sept. There are prizes every week for 1st,2nd,and 3rd. Come out if you can. I need another supporter of the CFL here.

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