Attention Director of Officiating

Just a couple of things I wanted to ask you.

  1. How come in the Hamilton/Calgary game last night the Ticats Scott Gordon got a rougher the passer penalty and then when Jason Maas goes into a slide and then gets two head shots one after he was already down and gets no penalty call on the play. That was a crucial play for the outcome of the game and coach marshall has every right to be upset with the guys in stripes.

  2. When Hamilton was nailed for pass interference how come the receiver that pushed the Hamilton defender to the ground so it was completely out of the play how come there was only one pass interference penalty called on the Hamilton defender

I as well as other Hamilton fans are getting tired of bogus penalties being called and it seems to be every game. Why is this happening? I took my dad to the Argos home opener as a gift and there was pretty much penalties every other play.

Send your inquiry to Ask the Ref. ro1313 has asked many questions and has gotten quick answers.

Can I offer an unbiased opinion. The games I've seen this year, Hamilton has taken a lot of undisciplined penalties. To me that shoulders on the Coach. Teams that are undiscipline tend to take lots of penalties. Remember Winnipeg a few years ago under Dave Ritchie? They were bad for taking dumb, undisciplined penalties. The BC Lions under Greg Mohns were bad for the same thing.

The refs are going to make bad calls in your favour and against you. But disciplined teams can minimize the calls against you by being more disciplined.

Hitchcock get a clue. Neither of the
two hits were headshots, and that guy
was so blatantly interfering HE actually
decided to dive to try and negate any calls.

Check it again bud.

ummm eskylo that was a late hit on Maas whitch if was called like yours was, hamilton would have won...the refs cost that game for hamilton

for once i agree with you


He got called for the late shot to the
head. We hit his chest and the other
one he slid and hit his ankle/calf area.

Good calls Ref!

of course it was a good call for the red team, you got a lucky and undeserved win out of it

Hamilton didnt deserve the victory.

They got two gifts and stunk the joint

wayne shaw dropped a ball that would have been a interception for a TD, and your D got away with a late hit that would have won it for was Hamiltons win and you had to get a blown call from the refs to win

.....nah, we had to work for it at the end.....

No we needed Sandro for the win.

I counted on Boreham to choke and
it took awhile but he came through.

No call, no foul. Suck it up Shirley.

That Hamilton guy doesnt go for Burris’s head and he probably doesnt get called either.

in the end Hammer found a way to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory....

if you are talkin about the non-call 'roughing the passer' on the hit on maas, where maas slid feet first, with 1:05 to go in the 4th quarter....there should not have been a call, the refs made the right play...

i have this game taped, and am watchin it for the first time now ( this call over and over in slow-mo )...maas slid and was instantly hit by #53 in red...then #38 in red comes slightly after and goes helmet on helmet with his own teammate, never contacting maas at all.

GOOD non-call by the refs....which maas and marshall were upset about after.

I agree with DG

The first photo shows the first hit was not late. The second shows the second hit never even touched Mass.

good screenshots, ro.

just shows exactly what my tape shows....good call by the ref.

Exactly as i called it. Nice job Ro!

Those two shots are not sequential so what is your point?

...? can they not be in sequence?.....

re-read, then look at the photos...if u still dont see the refs made the right non-call, u are not being objective.

TV footage is 60 frames per second?

Do you want me to post 30 photos?