Attention CFL - Give the Lions their X

With Week 18 complete, it's now a fact that a Western team will cross over to play in the Eastern semi-final.
In the standings, the league has given SSK an X, indicating they've clinched a playoff spot, but not BC. And, the Lions could well finish ahead of SSK, sending them to play in the East, and even still have a chance at finishing 2nd by tie-breaker with EDM. Where's their X ?

WOW !! Regina clinches a playoff spot on a 6 GAME LOSING STREAK :roll: Oh Boy !! SAD !! :thdn:

Dead man walking...

5 game losing streak, and the team isn't called Regina any more than you would call BC "Vancouver" or Winnipeg "Manitoba". :wink:

actually, we should be called the surdel lions :thup: