***Attention CFL fans:***

for all those attending one of next sunday's playoff games...

bring a sign that says "NFL SUX"...or any other variation...

its time we send a message....in a crowd of 50 000+ ( Skydome ) with fans holding 'NFL SUX' signs


(the sign not the NFL)

this is a RALLYING CRY...

lets take a stand together!

that will send the message, go on ya D god! you da man!

ah, this brings back memories of the "White Out" sigh


excuse me

That's a good idea DG. However I am afraid that if NFL Gostapo Paul Godfrey got wind of it, he would ban fans from the crapdome. Thats even more reason to do it. Ya, I like it.

good…the more of us with signs, the better chance of getting on TV or in a newpaper with it…!!!

if this NFL jerk does that, it will make the NFL look even wrost than it already is.

EXCELLENT IDEA........and outside the STADIUM the press will be there in droves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And in the STADIUM!!!!!!!!!! T.V.

A LETTER TO THE PRESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [you even save the stamp]

BLOODY, AMAZING IDEA...............D.G.! :shock: :smiley: :twisted:

Any one going? , please DO THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am :smiley:

Don't complain here , COMPLAIN THERE? :wink: :smiley:

I can see the american newspapers now "Toronto telling the NFL to go away!"

I can also see the look on some NFL fans stupid faces!


DO IT TORONTO!!!! and well never say that your american or going to become the 51st US state ever again!

You should post your idea at the ARGO talk site , here. It's a winner!

Actually why not Toronto and BC for the semi and the GC????

.....and Bush using it as an excuse to invade Canada....."My fellow Americans, we have decided to invade our great eastern neighbours, Cananada....they do a disservice to the NFL, which stands for all things American, and they hate freedom.....they're so unpredictipated....."

.....I'm not a G.W. Bush fan.....

TORONTO , should ALSO do it for the rest of CANADA and the CFL , as well. It is a winner, BUT , as with letter writting , if it is just 1 letter or 2 , it is NOT a story!!!!!!!!!!!

MONTREAL fans can do this as well , why not! :wink: :smiley:

We need , at the very least 20 signs. I can be 2 of them :smiley:

Bush will only invade Canada after someone show him where we are on the map

Ya but then they would invade mexico, because I doubt the person he will ask will know either.

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: just don't tell him that WE have lots of OIL :lol:

Good stuff

I think the Americans will make there move on Northwest Canada on 2010, get ready

and you guys go and attack Alaska whille you still can, heeheehee, I'd love that!!!

Hopefully BUSH will be in jail by then [2010] . BUT , I can't imagine BUSH and HARPER , in power at the same time. :evil:

bump :wink: :smiley: back to the great idea by D.G.

i just bought my bristol board and markers....lol