Attention CFL Committee: Please Fire Glen Johnson

And get a better person to be the head of officiating instead of this know-nothing clown who thinks he can just twist the rules and make this crap up as he goes to lace his pockets with ticket holders’ money.

No more objectionable conduct penalties PERIOD. GJ caused that foolishness to happen and he must be stopped.

No more challenging PI plays, that is nothing but a fail that hasn’t done anything right since it’s been in place.

Get rid of that new illegal contact penalty, put it back as it was, offenses did just fine as it was and don’t need this handicap to help them.

Put the extra points back as they were, that new rule is stupid and pointless.

Bottom line, Glen Johnson has ruined this league and is a ****ing cancer that needs to be eradicated. I hope the fans call for his head and the CFL Players union go after him and run him out of his office with pitchforks so that viewers can see that the rules problem is getting fixed. We just gotta get the disease Glen Johnson out of there and all will be fine.

Feel better now?

I just speak the truth for what it is and don't hold back. Doesn't matter what it makes me feel.

The whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help me God? :smiley:

I guess you don't know that league coaches have much more to do with the rules changes than Johnson does...they're the guys that have driven most of the rule revisions of the past 10 years....

You certainly don't speak for me, NCB. I love the new rules. Converts are no longer a dull afterthought (though I can understand why a fan of a team whose kicker tends to miss them would feel the way you do.) It's increased two-point attempts, and that's even more exciting.

The objectionable conduct penalty for mimicking the flag throw, I'm not a fan of. But I'm not a fan of that motion, either. I forget which panelist said that they should mimick the penalty signal instead, and they won't get a flag. I agree with that.

Obviously, as a fan of the Tiger-cats, I L-O-O-O-V-E the new punting rules. Not that Brandon Banks needs that rule change to take punts to the end zone, but it sure doesn't hurt. I'm actually surprised that no one else has taken one the distance yet.

I like the change to the pass interference as well. But someone needs to remind the officials that when a receiver initiates the contact, the RECEIVER should get the penalty. Defenders are entitled to the ground they're standing on, and they have as much right to the ball as the receiver. The new contact rules apply both ways equally. We've seen a few defenders get flagged when a receiver runs over top of them.

Well most of them sure don't seem to be too happy about them right now and if that's the case, I sure hope they start yelling for the rules to be put back as they were. We don't need flag fests littering our fields and consuming tax payers' dollars.

Tom Higgins when he ran things up there in that league officiating office wasn't making games that bad and did a great job, but old Glen Johnson had to come along and ruin this. I still hold him responsible for these lame *** objectionable conduct penalties that Climie and Stegall hate.

Please explain how throwing flags in a CFL game consumes taxpayers' dollars.

I too love the new rules! We all knew that there would be an increase in penalties early in the season but they will go back down as the players adjust. The entertainment value of the games this year has been outstanding though.

You speak your perception of truth.

That a lot of flags are thrown is truth. That the calls are good or bad, the rules warranted or not, is perception/interpretation/opinion.

Rule changes come out of the CFL Rules Committee which is made up of coaches, GM's the odd player and Glen Johnson. Do you really think he's at these meetings saying, "....hey guys, I think we should institute some sort of instant relay system that's going to allow angry coaches to second guess every critical call made on field and delay the game a bunch...". Or, "....or how about completely changing the way we judge receivers and defenders so drive fans crazy..."? Your really think he's the driving force behind these rules changes? And you really want to relax the OC rules allowing players to say pretty much anything that comes into their minds to the other players and officials on the field? You'd have chaos and punch ups every five'd enjoy that more?

Not a chance. It's Coaches and GMs...but as always, the officials take the heat.

I don't know if he's the driving force but I've heard enough to know he touts this garbage. Again, the fact that flags per game was way below this level before he took office is evidence enough that he's doing a pisspoor job at his post and should get fired for it.

And I know enough to know that over 80% of the objectionable conduct penalties being called are unwarranted and that that prediction of what would happen if they were relaxed is totally not true. Players would actually go out and play high quality football instead of dealing with striped robots on their backs all the time.

But again, it's not the officials who are at fault for this, they're just doing what they're told to do by their stupid boss. That stupid boss is Glen Johnson and we don't need idiots like him holding an office that he's too incompetent to hold. I demand he get run out of there right now because when he gets fired, this will get fixed guaranteed.

Personally, I hate seeing a flag thrown after a receiver makes a flag pulling gesture. That should NEVER be a penalty, unless the player keeps VERBALLY abusing the official after the fact.

I don't have a problem with the PI challenges, except for the fact that a bad challenge has no consequence for the challenging team. Forget losing a time-out, maybe it's time to give a team OC penalty for a failed challenge.

80% of OC are unwarranted? Really? You know this how exactly?

Attention All Retailers: Please Stop Charging GST.

Oh, wait... :roll:

Most rule changes I'm fine with. The frequency of flags will (hopefully) decrease as players become more accustomed to the new parameters. I can't stand the frequency with which flags are thrown, but I don't anticipate it will become worse.

The point is most of these new parameters are unnecessary. Like I said in the other thread, Glen Johnson is ordering the refs to crack down on even the slightest bend of the rules.

If something isn't broke, you don't fix it. Glen Johnson has done just that. Has he been solely dictating these rule changes and writing stuff up in the rulebook overriding the rest of the committee? No but he certainly isn't objecting to them and under his watch, the appearance of bungling by the officials has gone up 100-fold. A flag has been thrown about every other play this year and I guarantee you it was not even close to that bad 2 years ago. It's been clearly stated.

Again like I said, this is NOT the fault of the officials, they're consistent and just do what the boss says. It IS Glen Johnson's fault. He's done nothing good for the league and has gotten more and more incompetent every week since he has taken office.

Glen Johnson is the head boss of this, he is 100% to blame for the league's image getting tarnished. I'm so sick of people giving him a pass for the **** job he has done. He has done NOTHING good for this league PERIOD!!!

"...a flag every other play..", you say? Well, there are, on average, 160 plays in the average CFL game and I don't think we've gotten anywhere near 80 penalty calls yet...but maybe my math is off.

Your posts are actually getting pretty funny.....but also more and more "out there".

I figure, in reality, you're either the guy he replaced, Tom Higgins or, more likely, Mrs. Glen Johnson. Now, SHE'D have an axe to grind...

Scoring has been down the last two years, penalties were up and Glen Johnson has been in charge of officials during this time. Hmmm...

Bingo, irrefutable incriminating evidence on this incompetent clown right there.

Post hoc ergo procter hoc.