Attention Bob Young

Hi Bob ,

Well you must see that the onfield team is disfunctional and it must be Cortez . You might want to keep him as the offensive co-ordintor if he wants to stay and bring in a real motivator as coach ..Someone the team will play for and someone that they players like

Another thing is that we need to attract the Younger fan .

A few years back you were on the right track with live bands at the games that younger people liked and also affiliating yourself with Mcmaster and having their cheerleaders at the game etc.

What I think you need to do is get all local high schools and Universities / Colleges affiliated with the Ticats ..Have Ticats parties before the game with tailgaiting and bands and have discount tickets for universities and group student discounts ….Have an area designated for them as well ..
Every Game should have a cool band playing before the game as well as Buses taking the students back and fourth .
I think the game is great , I just don’t think enough students realize it and maybe they don’t think Ticats games are cool .

I think those are great ideas and frankly marketing 101 in my opinion. Why stuff like this isn't being done is rather odd.
Unfortunaly next year is already a write off...

Bob was doing this in his first few years as I was seeing young people at the games and Mcmaster cheerleaders and bands and pre game party like atmosphere . This has since slowed down and now I don't see the bands as much and no Mcmaster cheerleaders and less party atmosphere tailored towards yournger people ..

It is mostly the old reliables now at the games now

I hope the new stadium can be expanded . they say it can be for the grey cup so why not permanently ? This was we can bring 5,000 or so bus loads of University students with bands and aprty liek atmosherre to beklnd in with the old reliable die hard ticats fans ,.. then sopem of these 5,000 will become big time fans as well .