Attention Al's Brass - Bring back original colors

Attention to the Al's brass - Please let's bring back the old colors / Red - White & Blue
All of the other teams of this fair city have these colors ...WHY NOT THE AL'S?

They do have those colours, they just have a third jersey that is black, they have always had a black third jersey

No, in 2005 the alternate jersey was blue...they didn't play with the black one in 2005 !

They "used" the old Puma jersey in 2006 & remove the Puma logo off them to put in the RBK.

In 2007, RBK used the cookie-cutter on the Detroit Lions jerseys & Als are stuck with it now.... :frowning:

plus it isn't red. it's a goofy burgundy/maroon colour they have going on.

I like the colours as they are.