Buy an airhorn. They cost $10 dollars at Walmart. I have mine.

I don't believe they are allowed...Not in BC Place or McMahon.

neither is alcohol, but it's smuggled in all the time!

....and then smuggled back out again when the cop has you by the back of your coat and the seat of your pants.....I don't know what the security is like at Mosaic but the cops do a pretty good job here of screening out the riff raff....and while you might get an airhorn in you're pretty much limited to one or two blasts before someone gonna complain and there goes your fun....

YOu are right red the fan will be ejected!

Take your horn if you is only ten bucks if they take it away. Smuggling things into stadiums is pretty easy. Just use it with a little common sense!

We use to take an air horn or two to all away and home games (aw, to be young and foolish again--just old and foolish now!). Used it in McMahon, BC Place, Skydome, etc.
The only place we ever had an issue was in Sacramento, and even there they never took it away, or kicked us out, but just warned us they would if we used it again....

Someone has to be the grape who kills the party! To be expected!!