Attention All Players

Most of these players seem much to comfortable and not afraid of being replaced. Well to change that two of the biggest underachievers should be sent packing before the contracts are guarunteed after Labour Day....goodbye James Cotton and so long Josh Supersonic.No pass rush and no rush. What other choice do you have but take paychecks and jobs away to get the attention of these players. Threatening them may be the only way to wake them up and at least save some of thier and our pride in this team.

No kidding, we can lose with anyone

Ranek handled the ball on 5 occasions- 2 rushes for 8 yards and 3 receptions for 23 yards. That is 31 yards or 6.2 yds/touch. That is OK in my books, and unless he is responsible for ball distribution cannot be held accountable.
The team net offence was 122 yds, therefore he accounted for 25.4 % of the net offence on only 5 touches, and did not contribute to any of the 8 Cats turnovers.
Play selection - pass 41 rush 5 (including 2 by the QB's).
The real question is why a back of the quality of Corey Holmes, a workhorse that an offense can be built around, is not used. Ranek would make an excellent 2nd option around the Holmes based offense. I think this is what all Cat fans were extremely excited about prior to this dismal season.

I believe that after a certain number of games has passed thier salarys must be paid in full . But I agree that they are way to comfortable .

I would love to see an import WR who has some height and see if they will go down and fight for jump balls on long passes .

EVERYONE should be held accountable. Not one single player appears to give a s#$%&

Ranek has had one good game since he joined the Cats. Holmes, for what ever reason does not seem to fit in here. He gets diddly when he is given the ball so why give it to him more. I suspect the answer is that there is not anyone that can pull this team out of the slump they are in. Everyone is complacent, the O line is gotta be the poorest in history so how can anyone expect either the QB's or the RB's to perform. These guys get smoothered before they get near the line of scrimmage. OPEN YOUR EYES COACHES!

Blaming Josh Ranek…or any of our offensive players for what we are witnessing just shows your lack of football knowledge.

Granted the O-line may not be performing to our liking (personally I think Maas had time to throw several times last night), but the system is broken. Heck, we’re not even getting FG’s, let alone 6’s.

With our weapons (and we do have them), this team SHOULD be losing games 51-50…not 51-8.

This all starts (and ends) with Poa Poa.

As an aside, I think McManus his the warts of our Ofensive line for a long time with his quick release. He would thrive in this short passing, ball control offence.

No this starts with Young works its way thru Marshall and Lancaster, follows thru PaoPao and finishishes with the heartless efforts of ALL the players.

BTW I too think Mac would be better suited to this offence but he too would not be able to make it work unless ALL of the other players actually TRY to make it work

This is why I said in another post we should have McCarthy & Smith find 49 NEW Players (McCarthy keeps PC files of over 1000 players) & have the team coached by Ti-Cat Alumni, in a real game - proceeds to charity - against these current pussies & winning team finishes the season.

i say cut the entire o-line, cut belli , cut cotton, cut ralph, peterson, eakin has shown me nothing, cut him too, i wanna see richie williams get some reps, so we can know if richie can play in this league.

the offensive (funny how that fits ) coordinator , the defensive coordinator and the line coach were all with Ottawa when they had a team.Are we still wondering why they couldn't win football games?

We have to start someplace & I suggest
the O-line it is a major part of any offensive play. The moral of the team has to be effected by a lack of blocking for the run or any other play.
They have been sub par all year & the offense has no chance of being successful.
I also have to add I've confidence it will all be fixed in time.