Attention Administrators (CFLpm)

Or blind eyes.


what new sites??

Who do you work for and how many other sites do you take care of??

Does that mean the Eskimos site is going to get an overhaul, as well? Cause it needs it. :lol:

As he pointed out the argos and Als have had major changes made to their sites… I assume he means the other team will as well…

On a side note. How many of you knew that you can log on here from either the Als Lions or Ti-cat sites. Your user ID and passwords work there and you will see the same posts as you would here except that those sites have those team colours and logos

Well, Toronto Argonauts for one, Montreal Alouettes for another… just switched over to the new system, and BC Lions launched a new site today as well. Or did you not notice the URL for the forums has changed to As I said already, we’re in the process of migrating, but its not as easy as flipping a switch.

As to who I specifically work for, I work for MRX, the company that built these sites (note the logo in the footer). And as to how many other sites we take care of, thats irrelevant. The CFL sites we manage are massive, and building a new architecture for them to run on, from the ground up, has been quite the undertaking.


Is that wise? Adding the 1?
Seems to me that it would make finding the site harder for newbies would it not? WWW.CFL.CA seems to be a more natural place to start looking.

Of course they could google it but…

On a side note, I guess why that explains why I was getting a new window when I clicked on forums instead of the page just changing

when I asked how many other sites, I meant CFL sites, and it is not irrelevant. I noticed the www1, and figuredhoped it meant that it was a temp backup being used while you guys finally fixed up the main one and implementing new work.

obviously we know about the What about the argos as was mentioned??

Just checked out the lions. I like it. A couple things I noticed. When I switched to, then open up forums, it did not open up a new window whereas does. However, with the lions, it didnt matter which way I went, it still opened up a new window. I hope this will be changed.

Also, I like that has links to each team site, but when at the lions site, I could not find links to CFL or any other teams. IF they are not there, it would be nice if they were, at least to all the ones done by MRX, if MRX does not do them all.

interesting also that the link from www1.cfl still points to www.bclions

To calm everyone's fears, the www1 is temporary, and only in place so the forums are still accessible. The sites are now actually running on a physically separate and new set of systems. Without www1 you would be unable to access these forums until they get migrated over.

Moving the forums over is a bit more of a complicated process than setting up the new sites... Unless of course you guys don't mind loosing your avatars, names, and all the posts... quite obviously we don't want that, so we're in the process of migrating it all over, then we'll drop the www1.

FootbalYouBet - I'll suggest putting links back to the CFL site on the team sites, however, that is up to the powers that be.

Actually, I stand corrected... look in the footer of the new BC lions site for the CFL link.

yup its there. kinda burried but its there.

The Als site has it in the footer as well

I kinda expected a link back to CFL would be there somewhere, but I suggest that it would also be good for each of the team sites to link to each other as well, but no biggie.

one thing I am looking forward to, that I hope is now being addressed, is that hopefully the next unread function will work proper, fingers crossed

Im sure they will get it all worked out. It would be nice to have all the team logos and maybe some old ones too. Also when you log in that if you didnt have to click on the forum thing again cause you lose your place and then have to find the spot you were at previously. I like the new sites you made already and the other changes.that is all.

It works fine for me. I use it all the time.

its a hit and miss thing. In certain situations, it takes you back to ones you have already read. Maybe you just dont notice when it does that. I dont have that problem with any other site. It was discussed back when I first mentioned it sometime last yr, or early this yr and others found it to be the same as I do.

Also, can you set up a direct payment option for my account so that I get paid for every post that I make on here. Thanks.

Any chance there will be an overhall on the Eskies site or are we stuck with having the worst one in the league.