Attention Administrators (CFLpm)

no it is not. YOu must not be understanding me yet.

There should be a minimum amount of time between making two different posts, this is good and common.

At the same time, there should not be any time restriction on editing ones own posts. This is not good and is not done on any other site I ever posted on. There is no good reason other than sloppy designadmin work for this.

i trust you dudes but that has happened to me on occasion as well and is quite frustrating.

We both told you there is a very good reason for why you cannot edit.
It affect the mods as well as posters.
Why dont we just leave it at that

then share it. Tell me why this good reason doesnt exist for any other site that I know of out there??

I dont know if there is some kind of setting to change it, but for me, when I post, I get a small 1/6 of the screen window. When it comes to proof reading, I miss stuff cause it takes too much visual concentration and it can give me a head ache. I depend on submitting, then proof reading, then correcting. It is such a pissoff.

the error says you cannot make another post. editting is NOT making another post. Every other webmaster out there knows this.

I dont follow where you say you get a 1/6 of the window when you post?
Is that when you preview?

AS for sharing the reason.....Dont you think if we could have we would have....

The fact remains that there is a reason for it.
Lets leave it at that

The editing portion of the posting is where much of the problem occurred, FYB. You choose to trust us on this, or you don't, but either way, the way things are running now is the way it has to be for the time may change in the future, and it may not, but it is something we all have to live with, and it's for the best, whether you buy into it or not.

Its not that I dont trust YOU, its just that whatever the PROBLEM is, I think it is a result of somebody's incompetance. Again, it doesnt happen on other sites.

sorry guys, gotta go with FYB on this one editing shouldnt be a problem and if it is then that problem should be fixed without a time restriction on editing posts. Most major sites have a certain time window u are able to edit, not a mandatory wait time to fix grammatical/factual mistakes u make in your post. This is an awesome forum but band-aid solutions and sub-par features do not cut it, especially since we're talking about the OFFICIAL forum of a major league sport.

Get it together guys.

If you knew what the problem was, you would not call it a bandaid solution.

Let me put it this way.
Other forums have not implimeted this because they havent had to.

fair enough, sounds pretty dire

Okay guys. The mods have spoken on this, but apparently that wasn't enough. You've forced me to reveal the secret behind the editing delay.

If you were allowed to edit your own post, the result would be cataclysmic. First, your finger nails would turn a bluish-black and fall off. But it wouldn't stop there.

Once you were without finger nails, your hair would turn white, and fall out. Then your skin would begin to wrinkle and disolve. A lot like that German guy in the Indiana Jones movie, in fact.

Now, reduced to a shriveled, wrinkled blob with neither hair nor finger nails, your tongue would swell up, causing you to breathe in irregular, choking gasps. Completely unable to speak, you would be reduced to communicating through web forums, such as this one. But without finger nails, your hands would soon become infected and swollen. Soon, they too would fall off. Unable to type properly, you would begin smashing the keyboard with the bloody, pulpy stubs of your wrists. The result would be posts that look something like this:

"nmhj!cdfcd;lkj lklkkkjhjxz!" :x
The forum would soon become filled with nothing but mindless drivel.

And that is why you cannot edit your posts so soon after posting them.

Sorry. I didn't want to reveal this dirty little secret, but you forced me into it.

Back on topic...

When can I get an avatar with Lonie's head on a spike?

I thought the real reason ro1313 and jm02 can't tell us was related some how to a "banned" Austrailian poster who shall remain nameless.

Raven, I'm already losing the hair on my head, I need to save the rest of my body parts! :lol: :lol:

To be honest, Sporty, the reasons are beyond even the inane ramblings of Captain Underpants... an excellent and democractically run forum for OUR great game...i believe EVERY team should be represented in every facet...which includes avatars for EVERY team....c'mon admin...i know you can get er' done... :thup:

That bad??? :lol: :lol: :lol:

Now I really DON'T WANT TO KNOW! :expressionless:

Somebody should make a poll for this to see how long avatars for all the teams will take maybe theyll get it... before week 1... Labour day... Grey Cup ... after Ottawa is back in... When we get a 10th team.


but then only the new us teams will have them.

I think they missed that opportunity about a dozen years ago... though Wikipedia does suggest that the Baltimore owner considered moving to Richmond Virginia before heading north to MTL.

I think the reason people in Baltimore supported their CFL team was because they were still jaded from having their NFL team ripped out from under them. I can't see it working in any other American city by the mere fact it's Canadian.

Would just like to reply to this thread, I don't often read through every single thread.

The reason an admin hasn't replied is because we're all insanely busy launching all the new sites prior to the season. Not sure if anyone noticed the overhaul Argos and Alos got, we have some more changes coming, including a full overhaul of the forums. All I can ask is that everyone be patient, your requests have not fallen on deaf ears.