Attention Administrators (CFLpm)

I don't know who exactly to address this to, so I am hoping if you know you can forward it on my behalf.

This is regarding forum avatars. I was just hoping that someone could take the 20 minutes and add avatars to represent the rest of the teams that are missing them. I believe there's Montreal, Toronto and Winnipeg that can not select avatars that represent their team. This IS the OFFICIAL CFL website. Other than that you are doing an excellent job. This is a great place to post and discuss our football game. Can't wait for the season to start. Thanks for your time :slight_smile:

Edit: Thanks JM

...this should read "Attention Administrators" - moderators have nothing to do with any of those types of forum issues. Contact CFLpm.

...I think there needs to be more fresh fruit on the avatar menu, none of us are getting enough fibre...

Bump for great justice!

And if you could find it in your hearts to provide one for Ottawa fans, like Lonie Glieberman's head on a pike, it would be appreciated. :thup:

Thats the spirit! I wanna see Rough Rider vs. Roughrider logo!

Just go with the London Pikemen and be done with it.

Sure. So long as Lonie Glieberman's head is on the pike, I don't care who's holding it.

Amen, Artie-Lange.... amen, brother lol

Still no love on this?? Thats seriously embarrassing for whoever is running this forum. Somebody needs to give their head a shake and get this done. I can pick Wolverine as an avatar but I can’t pick one of the CFL team logos that aren’t represented.

Winnipeg/Toronto/Montreal fans should be able to represent their teams as well.

Instead of making a thread that the admins may not see.
Send them am PM

better still
Do both!

Good suggestion, thanks. I’ll pm the link to this thread so if your team isn’t represented drum up some support :slight_smile:

I would like to see an Als avitatr! Im sure many other posters would like to see their teams as well

some time ago, I posted some criticism of this site and clfpm responsed by saying the critism was ok and that there would be changes. I was expecting these changes would show up by start of the season, but it beginning not to look like it. Also, admin has been strangly silent on more recent criticisms by many, such at the retarded way this site gives the cant post again so soon error when one is trying to quickly edit their own post. I was because it was already being addressed in new improvements, but now I dont think so. Damn shame.

There is a very good reason why you cannot post again so quickly.

Trust me

Yeah...probably best that people thank their lucky stars that delay is in place...

you dont get it. There is a difference between making two different posts back to back, and editing a post you just made. Every other site I ever posted on knew this difference and the error never showed up on editing. I dont think either of you actually read what I said. See the word "EDIT"


We do get it, and editing is the bigest part of the problem.

Would tell you if we could but

I read it, FYB, and trust me when I say that this way is for the best.