Attending training camp

Will there be a Camp this year and when does it start..fine lads, Are they open to watch.


The Tiger-Cats will hold training camp at Tim Hortons Field, and stay at an undisclosed local hotel rather than train and lodge at McMaster. The Ticats will dress at the hotel and be bused to the stadium, where it’s still outdoors-only rules.

There will be 100 players in camp, with on-field practices opening the morning of Saturday, July 10. But first the whole bunch has to isolate at the hotel for seven days, beginning when all players begin arriving, spread out over Canada Day and July 2. Yes, that is this week. Strong league-mandated health and safety protocols, including frequent testing, will be in place and training camp is closed to fans.

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I had read Steve Milton's column in today's Spec (yes, Virginia, they still have subscribers) and did not recall the part about camp being closed to fans. Upon re-reading, I see it was in the last sentence about camp. Sometimes I have to slow down my speed reading (for my own sake).


Players are staying at Sheraton, know this since some players tagged the hotel in Instagram stories so its not undisclosed

Why? Are the locker rooms out-of-bounds? Why were NHL teams in Canada allowed to dress and shower in their locker rooms?

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Doesn't make sense they would have to dress in hotels when a handful of National players have been using the gym at the stadium for months now with ike brown

I don't know for sure, but I would suspect this is what was negotiated with the government as part of the return to play agreement. Anything to do with government does not necessarily make sense.

maybe though the agreement was made in feb many things have changed / improved since than . reportably cfl and cflpa are trying to get things changed now

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Wonder if things training camp wise will change with Ontario moving to stage 3 of reopening next Friday .


Sask will start allowing fans in 3 days. I'm sure we aren't far behind.

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Hopefully, I know a players kids were able to visit camp today

I would love to go but I don't think it's safe for the players if it's time
Maybe in 2022 we can go back to having fans at practice
But for for now we need to be cautious there is still a very bad strain of that virus out there


I agree. .....

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if other teams can have fans but pay $5 if ontario allows it Ticats and Argos and redblacks could have limited fans at practice , i know one player had his two young kids visit today and there like 2 and 4

i know argo's tweeted that fans at practice would be being reviewed

The Delta variant of the covid virus it's still out there
I don't want to risk any of our players
Supposed both quarterbacks were down with the variant
I would rather wait till next year when we know more about the virus

This is about the 4th or 5th thread with people complaining that it's too soon to play football!! come on people we've gone 1 year and 9 months with no CFL football, 80% of the population have been vaccinated, bring it on.
I thought that more people would actually be excited and happy to have football back.


People aren't complaining . Imo , most of us believe the games can be played safely . We're concerned about the fans attending the games safely .
How do you verify that all spectators have been vaccinated ? I still think masks should be required for this season .

Pat Lynch (the aged dude)


As I read it, Onknight was not saying "let's not play football this year," he was saying "it's not worth the added risk to the players of having fans hanging around practices this year."

As someone who has never attended (nor wanted to attend) a practice in my life, I find it easy to agree with such a sentiment in 2021.

For an example of a sport that encourages fans get up close and personal, we could always look at the Tour de France. Allez Opi Omi!