any word on how many tickets sold for THE GAME

Last I heard about 15,500

Yes Scott Mitchell this afternoon on the Fan 590 said 15,000.

I am actually disapointed, I thought it would be closer to a sell out already.

On CHCH they said it was just over 15,500.

Much less than I expected as well.

I am a little bit disappointed as well for a number of reasons and would of thought it would be higher than that, but then I thought of a simple reason why it may not be.... Pay Day for people is on Friday usually, so I am assuming they'll be announcing the sell-out Friday night or early Saturday after people have received money and buy tickets!

Or at least lets hope this happens! I will be truly disappointed if we don't sell this game out!
I am so pumped for Sunday!!!

BINGO! 100% agree, NO dout it wil be a sellout! I know a hunk of my friends are going to get the tickets friday!

To put it in perspective, that is over 3500 tickets in a single day.

15,000 sold by the end of the day on Monday was the news reports early this morning.....

Tuesday is almost over now so I'm sure that number has climbed

I feel there will be a very good walk up crowd as well so I think we will be close :rockin:

Always a good walkup crowd at Ivor Wynn, especially if the weather is favourable.


I have been trying to get tickets, calling the TC, for 2 days now. No luck. All I get are voice mail. Most of the time the Voice Mial box says it is “full and not accepting any more messages”.

Tonight, on my voice mail, I got a call from “Maurice”(?) from the TC at 6:50 pm asking me to return his call in the morning. If he/they are putting in those kind of hours they must be selling a lot of tickets!!!

Having said that, I no longer care about the attedance given the fact that the TC did not buy the game from the CFL.

Question… Can the TC change their minds and buy the game now?

8) Considering that as of this morning (Tuesday), they have sold 15,442 tickets, I think they will be hard pressed to
  get a sell out now.

  Those 15,442 are the hard core fans that are at every game, irregardless.

   I would venture to say that the final crowd will be in the neighborhood of 24-25,000 range.

   Hope I am wrong, but that's how I see it !!!

   They now have to depend on the casual fans to buy up those remaining tickets !!!      <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

Cheatwood im with your thinking on this one ..

There should be a attendance ticker on the home page at some point......

I am going to have to politely disagree with you on this one. The only reason I am is because I have already had to phone Ticketmaster to try to exchange some tickets (to no avail I might add) because my in-laws now want to go the game and sit with us, and I have some colleagues here at my work that are going to their first ever Tiger-Cats game this weekend. So the fact that this playoff game has easily attracted even the most casual of fan, is a good sign.

And I live in Toronto and work in Markham and some of the people going live in Durham region. So it's not like these people are overly close to Hamilton where I assume there is a considerable buzz.

  • paul

I think people are going to look for a negative spin. To go from near-zilch to 15,000 in two days is, well, pretty incredible. If you think all 14,000 season ticket holders were right on top of renewing their tickets for the playoff game in advance, you’re dreaming. As optimistic as I was, I wasn’t overly confident we’d be hosting the game.

I believe, as a multiple flex-pak purchaser, I, too, could’ve bought in advance – but didn’t. The buzz being stirred up about how sought-after the tickets are will definitely help to get people calling in advance of the game.

I’m still thinking we’ll be at, or near, sellout levels before Sunday. A lot of people are coming out of the woodwork and talking about this game.

The weather will still be a factor I think for the last 5,000-7,000 seats to be sold, well maybe the last 3,000-5,000.

I'm concerned about demand fizzling out. There seems to be a quick half life on how manytickets sell a day. 12,000 on day 1 and 3500 on day 2? That doesn't bode well for a sell-out by Sunday.

I hope I'm wrong and I'm encouraged by the casual fan's heightened interest in this game. I'm bringing 8, 5 of which are new comers or non-regulars.

I was really hoping that we would be sold out or at least really close on Wednesday... well were here and only half way to a sell out. I have no clue why these tickets are not going quicker. If you came out on labourday why are you not coming back for an even bigger game? I still think we can and will sell out, come on people buy those tickets.

Oh and i think it would be a pretty good idea for the ticats to be at different tim hortons and mcdonalds selling tickets like they have in the past. they both get huge morning traffic and will remind people about the game.