Attendence at Molson Stadium is 0!

I just thought that was funny, the Al's fans are showing there disproval abou there owners issueing Wright an Untilmatdom!

...along with BC which seems it's try to protect it's BC name by not allowing futher CFL expansion cuz down the road a team in Victoria would be likly.

Not to mension I don't really like Molson Stadium cuz I think a big city like Montreal should have a bidg football Stadium, not a 25,000 college one. Oh well...

I mean that would be ok if they have a populasion of 700,000+ but they have 3.2 or 3.5 million people!!!

Anyway, this is all my biased opions.

I Agree With You Kanga, It's A Waste Of Space To Have The Big O Sitting Enpty While It Sells Out For Two Games A Season, And Montreal Could Easily Fill That Stadium For Most Of Their Games, Molson Stadium Was A Great Spot When The League Was On The Rebound From All The Problems It Had With Blackouts And The US Expansion But I Think Now The League Is Strong Enough To Have Every Team In A Large Stadium Such As Commonweath.

And As For BC There Is No Reason Why Victoria Can't Get A Team In The Future. Just Look At Texas Rangers And Hounston, Florda Marlines And Tampa Bay, Even The Golden State Worriers.

Bottom line is the Big O sucks.

It wont sell out every game because it is a lousy place to watch a game.

I agree with ya, ro1313. The only reason why they had the Grey Cup in the Big Uh-Oh back in 2001 was because Percival Molson was too small to fit the 60,000+ attendance and couldn't be upgraded. I was at that GC in 2001, and the sightlines were God-awful.

I was at the Tor Mtl game last year.
Why because it was the only game I could get tickets for and it was a take it or leave it kinda thing. I would not go if they played every game there

Tha'd be like having Argos' season tickets high up in the east 500-level of SkyDump: can't see squat through the light standards. Good for the attendance levels, but the ambiance is drier than a federal government-run public inquiry.

I'm honestly afraid of the big O, it's falling apart

I would not go that far about the Big O.
I have no fears whatso ever about going into it.
Its just a lousy place to watch a ball game

Geebus christie, as much as I hate making fun of the sir, are a :oops: ! I honestly think you sound stupid, on purpose.

Your ideas on expansion are laughable...your ideas on life are even more laughable...dude, can you stick to football, well leave the footall to you have anythig to contribute other than your mindless chinglish???

Do yourself...and the rset of us a favor...and take a friggin' break for a while...honestly, dude your Alaska, Australia, Winnipeg, BS is getting old and we're not buying it anymore, capiche?

:? wow... thats a bit harsh don't ya think Eski??

Meh..Eski-Moses (whom I believe is SaskArgo reincarnated) has been riding on the transplanted Aussie's case for a while now. As long as it don't bother Kanga, Eski-Moses is full of "Thou shall not.." hot air.

Then YOU respond to his junk..."mongo"?!?

im gonna have to agree and disagree here......KK seems to be repititive and draws alot of topics off subject, along with create meaningless topics, but it's a bit harsh to be calling him a f**king m*ron

And the redneck-esque stuff you post is not fit for a refuse reserve, Eski-Moses? C’mon, all you do is whine, b*tch and kevetch over every thread Kanga posts. You talk smack about him about expansion. You degrade him over the 4 points for a long-distance field goal (which would require a hell of a leg and a stiff Winnipeg breeze to accomplish). At least he’s making an effort to understand the Great Canadian Game. Yet, all the while, you think he’s a lesser fan just because he’s not a Canadian-bred or an American-born poster who’s trying to learn the nuances of the best damn brand of football around today.

Maybe we should do a trade then: have Kanga come up to Canada permanently and ship your racist @$$ down to the American South. I hear they have a white hood lined up already for ya.

you starting a petition for that mongo?... if so where do i sign?

You know, I spend all day trying to teach kids in their most vulnerable years how to be mindful and respectful of others, and then somebody comes out and spouts absolute garbage about other human beings. How can we expect today's youth to be what we expect them to be when they have this to look up to?

Kanga - pay him no mind, "mate". I don't know you, but I've got your back.

this is where mods come and in and delete this post, and the last few posts, this has nothing to do with the topic, and frankly, is wasting bandwidth....we dont need this garbage here

...and how many of your 610 posts can you say are "read" worthy??

first of all, i have over a thousand posts, and i can probably get a couple here to say a larger percent of my posts are more read worthy than yours

Don't forget the Washingon Expos (I refuse to call them the "Nationals")