Attended Lions practice on Oct 27

My wife and I went out to Surrey to watch the Lions practice. This was our second time and it was as much fun watching the guys work out as the first time went in the summertime. Travis Lulay was going through the practice and does not look the worse for wear. That is good news. Tim Brown should be ready to play very soon but will not be playing this Saturday against Edmonton. We had a great visit with Aaron Hunt and later with Ryan Phillips. What a neat couple of guys! Even met one of Wally's grandchildren. This little guy is only about a year old and pushing a football cart used for transporting equipment around. He was pushing it like it was a feather and he's only a year old. No doubt he'll be a football player like his grandpa.

Several of the guys who took some nasty hits against Hamilton last week appear to be on the mend.

Khalif Mitchell, in a recent televised interview commented, "Bring on the donuts". This was in reference to celebrating after he sacked someone. So we gave him a couple of large boxes of Timbit donuts to share with the team after the practice! He got quite a kick out of that!

I asked Ryan Phillips who would be assigned to Edmonton's always dangerous Fred Stamps. Ryan and Korey Banks have the honors.

Ryan Thelwell is back with the team and we had a chance to visit with him for a few minutes. He is so happy to be back with the team. Foster does not look like he is ready to play. Elimimian was looking good. Kierrie Johnson was looking awesome!

That's pretty cool, thanks for sharing!