does anybody know how many is going to be at tom nights game , because i do know that if there is thirty thousand tickets sold already ,then they will lift the black out.

Sure hope there will at least 30,000, not only for the blackout, but also for the atmosphere in the dome. We are down in attendance from last year and hopefully the second half will see a big boost.

Maybe for next year they should consider tarping the last 5 rows or so in each endzone, while opening the west side's upper deck between the 20's.

if they keep winning they will increase the attendance for sure exspecially when montreal come to town.i think the problem is that the team got off to that bad start and people are waiting to see if this team is for real.when that happends bc place will be geting more that 30.000 every game.I want to see if the lions rap up first early like they did in 2004, if we will gwt over 50.000 again.

Go Lions

Over 30,000 already sold for tonight's game. :rockin:

Go Lions!

So is the blackout lifted then? Was going to try and get tix but have workers here today and would be pressed for time to get down there....hopefully I can just watch it on the tube??

The last few times they've lifted a blackout I haven't heard any notice until just before gametime during the TSN pre-game show.

what were the final numbers?

thity three thousand 58