What was the attendance tonight?


there wassnt anywhere near that many people there thought. thats jus the tickets they sold / gave away

Didn't look like 25,000 to us either. More like 20,000 tops. Of course, to go along with another thread underway, 5,000 people might have gone to the confection stands and were never seen again.

lmao. i didnt buy anything at tonights game were they really that bad?

Makaveli: like you I didn't buy anything either. My buddy tried at least three times before and during the game to get a sausage or hot dog, anything because he hadn't eaten. He finally gave up. Some others around us were grumbling. I guess it was bad according to another thread. Also Bob (Caretaker) appologized on the 5th Quarter for the concessions. It was the first thing he remarked on after he was introduced. So yeah, I guess they were that bad.

ya i heard bob appolige on the 5th quater about them so i guess they must have been pretty bad. But if the team keeps winning im not guanna complane about the concessions lol

Yeah its didn't quite look like 25,000... 7:00 starts also tend to fill later into the first qtr than 7:30 starts...

I had a firend go missing for the better part of the 3rd qtr to get a hotdog & popcorn.. I wouldn't be suprozed if the concessions contributed to the number of laurels in the seats at any given time..