What was the attendance at Friday night's game? Thanks.


The White Out turned out to be a dud. That's the kind of iniative where you need a lot of media support and when you don't have it, you can't pull things like that off.

Speaking of attendance, did you see the empty seats in Toronto? Pathetic, just bloody pathetic!

It very sad and the outcome may not end very well for the Argos or the league.

At this point I wonder how they can maintain a football team. True, the entire league has to try to operate on a shoestring budget, but... With a population in the GTA, they can't even draw 20,000? As I said - pathetic!!!!!

They are in the same situation Montreal use to be with the Als. Maybe a new venue can save them. There are a bunch of people watching on TV in Toronto but not going to games that points to the venue but the longer the fan base erodes the less chance there will be for a revival.

They, the Argos, should just play their games @ Tim Horton's Field. Nothing to lose. If fans still don't show up, at least the game will have an intimate feeling for some fans.

They could also play their home game against Saskatchewan in Saskatchewan, instead of giving said province another team (for now).

What is the new capacity of Molson Stadium since they removed some endzone seating for a patio area? Is the patio area popular so far? Also, why has it been a struggle in recent years to sellout the stadium?

I think it's 24,000. The patio area seems to be a success from the looks of it. 20,000 at today's prices would be the equivalent of 25,000 at 2009 prices so I'm not too pessimistic. Argos don't pay any rent at Rogers as far as I know which helps Braley.

Crowds here should pick up in the fall when Cahoon and Calvillo get honored. And a happy 42nd to Ben this wednesday btw.

BC always difficult but not impossible. go als go!

True 20K in Montreal is different than 20K for many other teams. They built their model on the 20K crowds in basically regular bench seats at a ticket price to be profitable. Now 20K includes the extra money made in suites. Also very smart adjusting to the 25K to 24K and adding a higher priced Patio section which appears to be selling very good. I dont think Montreal should be worried.
They also will be turning a profit on hosting the Vanier Cup as part of their football operations.
They will not make as much with Olympic out of the picture. A home playoff game of 50K plus was a big plus. Also unable to host a Grey Cup. Thats pretty much out of their hands but they are still working well within the McGill parntership

While Toronto's situation (poor crowds, no new venue lined up) is very worrying, remember that two years ago Montreal had the worst attendance in the league.

Yes, I know MTL had the smallest stadium, but had the Als come close to filling it regularly or -- gasp -- even sold it out on occasion, they would not have finished at the bottom of the league in attendance.

I read the Chad Johnson signing as an effort to boost sagging attendance, as there are surely any number of import receivers who could do a better job.

If you are talking about the Fan zone in the endzone where the bleachers used to be, its not a higher priced section...It is free and open to all.

Vrai! J'ai pu y serrer la pince à Davis Sanchez vendredi.

You can't compare attendance "numbers" between a team like Montreal where the cheapest single game sideline seats are 75.50 and that's 10 yard line to goal line to other franchises. The equivalent Argos tickets are 43.50. If you compare the best lower bowl tickets Montreal 121.50 vs Toronto 95.25. Tickets in Montreal are anywhere between 48 and 35 percent more than in Toronto and it gets much worse than that if you look at promos like the current "We win, you win".

The last hope for the Argos is MLSE picking them up and frankly if they wait out Braley, they can pretty much get them for free unless Braley really has another stadium option.

With the exception of Regina, attendance at football games is extremely disappointing across the entire league.

We have 4 cities with stadia of 50,000+ - Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, and Edmonton, that never sell out during the regular season. In fact, in both Toronto and BC, the upper deck becomes "advertisement" because they know they can't sell those seats!

Compare that to attendance at NHL games. I feel safe in surmising that if the NHL expanded into more Canadian cities, even smaller ones, the new franchises could count on sold out attendances at each home game. Look at attendance at NHL games in some American cities - not even close to selling out during the regular season.

So, the real question is - WHY? Faute de mieux, I have to surmise that football simply doesn't enjoy the level of popularity that hockey does in this country in the same way that hockey struggles to attract sellout crowds in some American cities.

The USA is a "football factory". Boys start playing football in Pop Warner leagues. High school football (often referred to as Friday Night Football) is very popular. In Smalltown, USA, great crowds can be expected at the local HS's home games. Look at the Division I/IA in the NCAA - crowds of 100,000+ are not uncommon. And, of course, there is the NFL. Last year I published average attendance of NFL teams, even of perennial cellar-dwellers, and it averaged out, even for the weak teams, to more than 87% sellouts. We have nothing like that here! There is a big hullabaroo over the Grey Cup once a year. When the last bit of confetti settles, however, the GC and football seem to be neatly packed away for the year until the next GC.

My hope is that a group of football enthusiasts, with deep pockets and closely connected to sponsors, will promote the sport better. Football, in two of Quebec's largest universities, has gained popularity over the last 10 years and has produced many of the good young Canadian talent we now see in the CFL. I hope that tendency catches on throughout the country, that we will see expansion of the league, and big stadia filled to capacity. Is that wishful thinking on my part? I hope not!

Its a chicken and egg like problem. To make the pro equivalent attractive to young people (grow your fan base) , you need to make tickets affordable. Instead the owners have decided to chase the richer middle age and corporate clients and using colour schemes to milk every last dime they can out of those customers.

Now add in that you can catch every game in glorious HD on screens as big as your wall will permit for free and you have a problem getting those kids to become paying customers.

The average age of the CFL ticket buyer is creeping up every year to the extent that only richer TV deals will be able to compensate.

If you look at Pro hockey tickets you will find the same issue. Most seats are own by wealthy individuals and companies. In Canada NHL teams scoop up most of the cream and the others sports teams have to fight for the crumbs.

Go back to before they expanded the stadium when capacity was 20202.
At that point, it was said the Als had a waiting list for season tickets.
After expansion, the stadium was just over 25k before being dropped to 24k this year.
The first year after the expansion, the team drew close if not 25k.

Then the attendance started to drop, to the point so far this season, being the lowest since the expansion.

The question is why?

When Larry Smith was running the show, I can remember seeing allot more advertising in and around the city, be it Billboards, buses, radio, print.
Today, I can not even recall seeing 1 BillBoard around the city.
Out of sight out of mind perhaps?

Another issue is the construction. With bridges being shut down for the weekend, off ramps and or sections of highways being shut down for overnight/weekend repairs, it can easily add another 60 minutes + travel time if not living in the downtown core.
I know for a fact people or not going for this reason alone. Easier to stay at home or go to the local watering hole to watch the game.

Its looking increasingly plausible that Montreal will get its MLB team back. If Montreal builds a ball park I think they will get a team.

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Now that would create a lot more pressure on the Als than the Impact.
I wonder if they would name the team the ExA's

Ouf! "Il y a loin de la coupe au lièvre." (Jean Peron)

Personnellement, je crois que ce projet ne verra pas le jour tant que le secteur privé ne paiera pas un stade à 100%. Et ça, ce n'est pas pour bientôt!