here’s a list of the Top 11 highest-attended games in the CFL so far in 2013:

44,910 - Winnipeg @ Saskatchewan (Sept. 1)
41,868 – Saskatchewan @ Edmonton (Aug. 24)
40,637 – Montreal @ Saskatchewan (Aug. 17)
39,373 – B.C. @ Saskatchewan (Sep. 22)
37,372 – Hamilton @ Saskatchewan (Jul. 21)
37,312 – Saskatchewan @ B.C. (Oct. 4)
36,703 – Toronto @ Saskatchewan (Sep. 14)
35,869 – Saskatchewan @ Edmonton (Jun. 29)
35,637 – Saskatchewan @ Calgary (Aug. 9)
35,579 – Edmonton @ Saskatchewan (Oct. 12)
35,296 – Calgary @ Saskatchewan (Jul. 5)


Stunning and not so stunning... The Riders are Canada's team!
I bet the other Western teams just drool to have Saskatchewan play in their house twice a season (this year Calgary & Edmonton)...
And I guarantee you the the upcoming game in Calgary this weekend will make it top twelve!

I find it stunning…to not have a non Rider game in the top 10 at all

Yes it’s sad… Not to make excuses but the teams with more of a fan base like Hamilton and Montreal, have limited capacity in their stadiums. Calgary, I believe is still suffering from the flood. My cousin lives out there and he lost his home. Basement right full of water. He said it has been hell.

The surprises are Edmonton, BC and Toronto. Granted fans may be making a statement to The Eskimos to get a better product on the field… Winnipeg in the same state.
But BC and Toronto should have no excuse. It has been well documented that Toronto has issues… Not sure what is going on in BC. The only link is that they have the same owner. So that is likely one of the problems

Please don't call us Canada's team.. it sounds so conceded and douchey.. I absolutely can't stand the Dallas Cowboys as they call themselves America's team. In Canada there are 7 other football teams who have fans and cheer against the Riders as hard as we cheer for them. To call us Canada's team is a slap in the face to all 7 (soon to be 8 ) other teams in this league as well as their fans.
We may have the most fans but majority doesn't make us Canada's team! Be proud but show class, calling us Canada's team makes all our fans seem like conceded douches and most other teams already hate our fans and tbh I don't blame them, lets not give them another reason to hate us.

Completely agree Jindred. Hate the moniker and hate that Rod Pedersen uses it all the time. We are Saskatchewan’s team!

Instead say "this is our team, and you can't have them" :smiley:

but seriously...I dislike the Cowboys because of this (being from the US), and I imagine it has a similar effect for the Riders with a lot of people.

I apologize! Never looked at it from that point of view before. I did just watch the PVR replay of the game on Saturday night, and there plain as day on National TV was a huge sign saying Canada's Team hanging from the bleachers...

From now on I won't refer to the Riders that way.. But I will make the point that from Coast to Coast, Rider Pride is Strong! I think 99% of the children born in this province have Green Blood.

Go Riders!

Interesting stats.

I think the Riders need to show the CFL TV ratings. They should be able to prove games involving Riders have higher viewers and therefore they should earn a pro-rated cut of TV deal money. I've been saying this for years.

As for us helping out BC, Calg and Edmonton draw big crowds..............we can't expect a cut of that money. When our fans go to support the Riders in Calgary this weekend they are also supporting the Stamps sign FA's, and other money to spend????

I am not saying our fans can't go or shouldn;t go............but the money helps the Stamps.

I don't care the money will help the stamps this week, I like the idea our fans will be there supporting OUR team!!
With that said, this proves who has the biggest fan base!!

But, the Riders do not have the highest TV ratings.

We want to help those teams. You know how boring it would be if they couldn't afford to resign good players and the Riders were always the best team in the league? It would honestly suck if we won every year. Its the competition that drive and makes this league great.
Without the other teams there is no Riders, so us drawing big crowds there helps the league, and this is a league I want to thrive!

I can't remember who said it or where I heard it, but it was said that pretty much all the teams in the CFL literally bank on their home games with the Riders.

Don't read me wrong. I have attended games in BC, W'peg, Toronto and Edm. So I have put money into the opposition accounts.

I just hate doing it!!!!!!!

As for TV ratings I bet our ratings are up there. But if one team has a better pro-rated formula based on TV draw then they should get a higher cut? I know it would be difficult to figure out a fair system...........but just to stir the pot a little.

Both Vancouver and Toronto have a culture and multi-ethnic population along with fickle sports fans that makes CFL a tough sell. The Lions have had their attendance moments over the years but since the Canucks have arrived have for the most part languished in their shadow. Competition with other events and outdoor activities in Vancouver has always been a challenge. I've seen every sort of marketing strategy over the years and it doesn't seem like there is any basis for the surges and drops in attendance other than a rather non-linear link to on-field performance. I'm going to the game this Friday but my past experience at Lions games is marginal at best; seems like there is less than a majority interest in what is actually taking place on the field and hard to fathom why a lot of people are actually there.

Let's get back to the topic. No surprise Riders are involved in top attendance games of the season.
Also, I quickly scanned the 2013 schedule and no surprise that as visitors, Rider games are the biggest draw of the season for every team except the Toronto game for some reason? Opposition wants the Riders in their park every week.

because there was a generation that left the province, so the fans are everywhere. I feel Newfoundland would be similar.

Here's an interesting stat. Not one home game this year including exhibition were we under 32,00 fans. All the rider's games home and away drew 669,323 fans in attendance. That is a lot of money not only here at home but to the team's cities we visited.
BC had only one game over 32,00 at home this year and that was as you can guess against the Riders. Calgary had 3 games over 32,000. Two of those against the Riders, the other the Eskimos.
Love us or hate us were are very good for the financial well being of the league and the economy in general.

Well we need to pick up our socks, apparently there's still 12k tickets available for Sundays game. I think anything less than 37,000 would be a disappointment.

Anything less than a sell-out is an embarassment. This game is almost as big as it gets and we have to beg people to buy tickets. What's going on Rider Nation?