2011 first 3 games average 23,388

2010 first 3 games average 23,436

2009 first 3 games average 22,535

2008 first 3 games average 20, 955

Now that we're 3-2, with a 3 game winning streak, coming off a very good victory over Montreal, with two weeks between home games, next one against the Argos, who will not be here on Labour Day this year, what should we get for the Aug 13 Argo game?

What will we get?

I say:

Should- sell out
Actual - 26,500

Wonder if they announce tickets sold, or actual attendance. I was there, and I don't recall even noticing the crowd, or thinking that it might be as low as 19,500. Thought it was a decent crowd that didn't stand out to me as being either unusually small, or unusually large. Neither did anyone in my group, and we usually notice and discuss such things at the game.

Were you there PJAY, or did you watch it on TV? A lot of times people show up late and the stands fill up slowly.

Anyone else think it may have been as low as 19,500?

BTW, any predictions on the Argo attendance for next game?

If the Ti-Cats beat the Stampeders and go 4-2, with a 4 game winning streak, it should be a strong to very strong crowd, no?

What was the announced attendance at the Saskatchewan and Montreal games?

The Sask game was quite pathetic. I was saying under 18,000 that day.

Montreal was a good crowd.

For the Argos.... I'm gonna bet 27,000

The Argos had an announced crowd of 19,000 but actual 15,000 that's two games in a row with 15k and a preseason around 10,000. Obviously their marketing is not working, very troubling for the CFL in Toronto and in the largest sports market in Canada, Braley must be shaking his head. I wonder how much longer he will put up with it. Maybe until the stadium in Ottawa is ready?
At least in Hamilton we know a new stadium will go along way to increase attendance and the revenue thing with the private boxes and club seats. In Toronto people just don't want to go to the Rogers Centre

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Rogers Centre is just a horrible venue for football... you feel like you are sitting miles away from the field.

I don`t get it.

I remember going to Argo games at exhibition stadium in the 70s and 80s with over 40- 50,000 fans being there.

I remember going to Rocket Ismailss first home game (against the cats), 35- 40,00 I believe, and it was an electric and exciting atmosphere in the dome. i dont mind the dome at all as a football stadium. i thin kits pretty good. Any stadium experience sucks if its mostly empty, but the dome is full its terrific.

Went to the Alomar tribute Jays game and they had 45,000 people, roof open, all kinds of kids and famiies and severla young mothers with infants (go figure).

As much as I like baseball and all I don't get how any kid can have a better time watching a live basebeall game over a live football game. Again, I like watching baseball live, but I prefer watching the Argos live even with a crowd of 20 - 25,000 over a packed Jays game.

I wish a corporate entity, like ROGERS, would step up and take ownership and partnerthem with the Jays, ala MLSEs Leafs-Raptors connection. Thereso much history and tradition there that deserves so much more support.

I get that feeling , somewhat, from the upper rows of level 1, but level 2 and level 5 are just fine for me. I can see everything and I think they have terrific sight lines.

why blame the skydome and not the terrible product they have been fielding since 2006?

offence sells tickets and the argos have not had one since 2006.

i used to go to 3-6 argo games a year. i have given up, as i always leave feeling ripped off.
now i only go to ticat games.

22,245 and 24,068.

8) The announced attendance is always the number of tickets that are sold (or give aways).
  The number of those actual tickets that are scanned at the gate reflects how many of those tickets are actually used.

   I agree that it sure didn't look like 24,000 plus at that last game.  More like maybe 21,000 to 22,000 actually attended.

Even 24,000 is very decent compared to a lot of the crowds I saw in the 90's. Even winning seasons like 1992 there were crowds as low as 11-12,000 late in the year long after the team had proven they were good. I remember Calgary coming to town and the weather being a bit cold but not that bad. There were 12,000 and change.


I think they stopped counting giveaway a couple of years ago, or last year.

8) I can well remember several years ago that during the 4th quarter, the PA announcer would say,
  "Tonights official attendance is 11,000.....The Tiger Cats thank you"      <!-- s:oops: -->:oops:<!-- s:oops: --> 

    The fans would just shake their heads and laugh.  Those were sad times indeed !!!

how do you figure? the projected capacity for the renovated or "new" stadium is what 25,000 that's just about what the ticats are getting now so it won't increase attendance it will just give the appearance of being fuller..any new stadium has a boost in attendance but it never lasts long once the gawkers come and have a look at the new paint job the attendance slips back down again

as far as people not wanting to go to the rogers center i don't buy that .. look at Hamilton's attendance when the team gets better so does the attendance it will bounce back in TO people here dump on the rogers center because it's Toronto and the in thing is to bash anything Toronto

Because the club seats and private boxes, and the higher charges for decent seats with the elimination of the cheap end zone seats and the parking revenues will bring in higher overall revenues. Private boxes and club seats is where the revenue comes from in the NFL and will be the thing of the future in the CFL, they want to get people out of their lazy boys at home and to a decent seat in the stadium.
Someone posted the pricing at one of the NFL stadiums and the 7,000 club seats and 100 private boxes brought in more revenue than 40,000 season tickets at $50 a ticket. yes you can generate more revenue at a 25,000 seat stadium.

How can you say you don't buy the low attendance at the Rogers Centre? just look around, they are EMPTY seats.
Yes many will come to the new IWS jut to check it out, the challenge will getting them to stay.
There is just no potential in Toronto and I predict they will be gone.

"any new stadium has a boost in attendance but it never lasts long once the gawkers come and have a look at the new paint job the attendance slips back down again"

RYCK, are you figuring that the first lot of new fans to be interior decorators....just kidding..

The problem I have with the SKYDOME, in my opinion, is that it has bad sight lines for football and it feels like you're in a cavern and not a stadium. I have to admit that the open roof and the cool breezes from the lake make it nice.

And then there's the fact that it's the Ar**'s home field, it would always feel like a road game.

Sorry, it just doesn't appeal to me.

I also forgot to mention the "naming rights" it's never been done in Hamiton and I think it works out to the equivalent of an additional 5,000 fans a game. 5,000 X $50 X 10 games, I think that was based upon the numbers thrown around by Mr Young. So that also makes up for the lost seating capacity.
So add the naming rights revenue plus the club seats, extra private boxes, elimination of cheap seats, higher prices for the nice fold up seats, parking revenues, more interest from the corporate community and I think we can make money in Hamilton for the first time.

I think what may have confused some of us that you said attendance would increase, but I think you meant revenue.

And don't forget modern concessions should help with increased revenue.

So hard to get decent service in our antiquated concession stands at IWS.

Ok first off .. Medlock girl you are talking about REVENUE ..sure i'll give you that ..gain revenue on the backs of the dedicated fanbase .. that does not equal GREATER ATTENDANCE and that is what you had said in your post said increased attendance .. it does not go hand in hand if you double your ticket prices can you go ahead and say wow we just doubled attendance?

but nothing not even your added post addresses attendance your addressing REVENUE so address this increased attendance thats what i was saying

second maybe i should have worded this better but i did not dispute any attendance figures of the rogers center what i was disputing was that it is low because people didn't want to actually go there ...

what you will see are people who don't usually goto games suddenly buy a ticket to a game just to check out the changes and thats not all bad its how many stick afterwords that will make any impact ...

Naming rights later won't be any different than naming rights now ... so that won't be a change affected by a renovated IWS