Any word on the attendance for this weeks game is ?

Hope we sell it out.

I think it will be closer to the 25,000 range thats my prediction. It is a Saturday afternoon in the summer and a bad game last week may effect crowd somewhat.

Perfect weather, should be a lot of walkups at the last minute.

I think it depends if the heat wave continues. I got pretty badly scorched during the pre-season game against Winnipeg, I would not be in highest of spirits if we had the same heat we had over the last few days.

Its called sunblock :lol:

Hope she's close to full! (Probably would be if, again, the on-field team fulfilled their end of the marketing mix.)
Lotsa press, lotsa momentum! So looking forward to it!!

It's this time of year that I wish i'd bought the away jersey instead of the black home jersey :lol:
I got badly burnt after the pre-season game too.
I'm too cool to where sunblock :wink:

ROFL … my buddy was too cool at that game as well… and he’s a fair skinned and redheaded. He was stuck at home for two days because of the burn and sunstroke.

8) TiCats are reporting in the paper this morning that there are plenty of good seats still available.

I got my four freebies for being a season ticket holder, so that's 4 tix closer to a "sellout". Those seats will probably be empty but it will help the announced attendance.

Let's hope its' better than last years home opener. After an attempt by the team to create a "Canada Day Classic"
19,000 showed up!! ouch

Well he won't add to the attendance #'s, but my 11 month old grandson will be with me for his first of many Ti-Cat games.

I got 4 tickets through the Scotia bank offer - buy 1 get one free.

I am very fair skinned and burn in about 15 or 20 minutes in the sun. My boyfriend is always reminding me to put on sunblock (I always make sure the kids have it on, but I'm not so careful with myself). So at the pre-season game my bf mentioned that I needed to put the sunscreen on and he and my brother had a conversation about how I need to wear sunscreen and how easily I burn and such. So I put on the sunscreen and my brother didn't (he's a bit less Irish than I am in complexion) and he got burned like crazy. Poor bugger lol.

I hope it's a good crowd and also hope it's not too hot because my youngest is coming with us and neither of us respond well to extreme heat.

I hope you're seated up under the press box and in some shade, the temp and UV ratings for tomorow are still high and on the North side even adults can have problems on the hotter days.

Hi 8/72 - Just curious why the four freebie seats will be empty. I had my two freebies along with four from a friend and gave all six away in about two minutes. Depending on where you live why don’t you give them to the local Big Brothers association. They are always looking for events like these to help out their volunteers. It would be a shame to see them go to waste.

I really really hope we sell out tomorrow but im pretty sure we wont...
After that game last week the cats better look good this week or the crowd will suck against the Peg next Friday.

Wow we complain when it rain, we complain when it snows, now we complain because the sun is to hot! Come on people weather its hot, cold raining, snowing, or sunny, lets get out there this Saturday and support OUR team!
Canadians, and yes sometimes including myself complian to much about trivial things!

LOL! Don't read much into it. Just not much to say on the topic, really. Even on hot days, there's aways a decent breeze in the stadium.

The rain today is gonna help cool things down a tad. We'll be all good tomorrow.

I would say 23-25K