It is not suppose to rain until 8 pm.

Does anyone know what the attendance is suppose to be like for today's game?

I think they are expecting a crowd of 20000. Not good enough but it is what it is. Not enough young fans to make a difference. The sad truth is the 14-25 age range feel the CFL is sub par and will not give it a chance. That plus the fact that the Team has done a poor job marketing this team this year. Hardly any press and radio about our team also.

If it is only 20,000 that will be a (crying) shame.

We can't blame the Ticats for everything. The fans have to step up. This is a big game.

I thought they sold a lot of the $10 tickets. There were virtually none left in section 6 on Saturday afternoon. I'm bringing three extra.

If we had a 20000 seat staduim we'd all be excited about the sellout !

I ve been going since 1972 and have seen many more 20000 or so crowds then any other, you know we need to start thinking differently and look at it from the point of view that THIS IS THE BIGEST LONGEST RUNNING SHOW IN HAMILTON !!!!!

I cant care what happens any where else, this team has exsisted one way or another with these numbers since 1950. The only way to change this is to change it all, with IWS this is pretty much it.
As for 14-25, thier doing other things anyway not following CFL, NFL or even NHL live, but they do watch on TV, you'd be surprized at how many watch CFL along with the other leagues.

Point is we need to stop talking about it and just go yell cheer and enjoy what we have as it is today, then we have to support NEW forward thinking even if it costs a buck or two to do so.

Nothing will please every one .. but today me and 19999 other fans will enjoy what we have.

So... Do you think there will be more than 20,000 ?

Thats a tough call, at least 20000 .. with hopes of more.

Definately, I think there will be almost 23K. This is like a playoff game. The biggest in 5 years. They should have a pretty good crowd.

Less then 20,000 fans even with a $10 ticket give away. Sad.

This team is not long for this world.

It was 19, 562.

I think you are right I think the team will move. How does the Ottawa Tiger Cats or the Quebec City "Les Chats Tigres" sound.

That was only for the first half. lol

This team stinks they got 19,000 fans more than they deserve :thdn: :thdn:

I don't know what is worse, the fan count or the team?
The answer is the combination of both. Pathetic.

I am guilty too...

My fiance's mother is ill and we could not go so I went early to sell my tickets. Sold my 2x$55 tickets for $20 to a scalper.

I was disappointed until I heard the crowd number. I was lucky to get $20.

A big part of the problem is that MB does not see the urgency in this team's need to get to the playoffs. He placed all his marbles on an unproven, rookie QB who was not even a starter in college. Even when it was clear that the rookie QB did not have what it takes to be a starter this season, he refused to go to the proven veteran as the team's starter. As a result, it appears he has lost the team, his playoff hopes and, most importantly, the fans who desperately needed a playoff berth this year.
Quite frankly, I was surprised we had 19,000 fans at the game. I was expecting 18,000. I guess the $10 seats brought in a few thousand.
I doubt very much the Ticats will win another game this year. Marcel's gamble has cost this team a playoff berth and, quite possibly, the few remaining fans they had left.
Good Job.

Well said Tcfan this team needed to make the playoffs this year to get some fan interest back it just seems the more they play the more fans they lose. I believe they will need to win some games and a new stadium for this team to survive

Hey, don't count them out yet.

We are still in second place. The season series is tied but we have a 2 point score advantage. Winnipeg is still in tough over the next 4 weeks. I think you are going to see a different team over the next few weeks.

Imagine a win in Montreal? Oh baby!