League attendance is pretty strong across the board so far this year, with the exception of Ottawa of course.

BC – 31,698
Calgary – 33,476
Edmonton – 39,765
Hamilton- 28,401
Montreal- 20,202
Ottawa- 18,333
Saskatchewan – 25,101
Toronto- 28,779
Winnipeg – 25,075

AVG = 27,870

WOW Riders are better than wpg....take that kanga

What's Surprising Is How Close Toronto And Hamilton Are Even Though They're At Opposite Ends Of The Standing In The East Division

You know what Hitman? It's beginning to dawn on me why we here in Ottawa are not going to the games. Aside from having to endure 25 years of crappy football here , I am really starting to believe the people here in Ottawa thinks the CFL is not in vogue, or, as one from Montreal would say, not "trés chic".
Having endured that garbage football game here against Winnipeg last Friday, I observed that you don't see many people sporting Renegades colours. But I did notice a lot of youths wearing their favorite NFL jersey, or older football fans wearing Ottawa Rough Rider paraphernalia.

I actually felt out of place in my home stadium wearing my Renegades hoody and my Renegades cap.

Me thinks we'll be extinct soon. And I'm the eternal optimist. :cry:

Go You Backs Against The Wall Thieving Bastard Capital Punishment Renegades Go!!

not by very much, and Winnipeg is in a rebuilding year.

Winnipeg has 650,000 people. Regina has 200,000 people. I think that speaks highly of the enthusiasm of Regina and surrounding region.

timo75, your logic can be flawed. Often, the larger cities are the ones that don't support CFL teams very well. In recent years, cities like Toronto and Vancouver have not supported the CFL because they are larger markets with lots of things going on. Sometimes, It's the smaller cities that stand by their teams because there isn't much else to do. The CFL is probably the biggest sports league in many of these markets.

You know that is plain sad. First of 25 years of crappy football tell me then why is the Saskatchewan fans not like this. I think it is the city of Ottawa is not a good sports town period. They lose this team do not expect another anytime soon. The fans of Ottawa put up or shut up! If you tell me it is ownership again not good enough we had a circus in Calgary for three years did you see the fans leave no. So the blame totally goes to the people of Ottawa. Move the team now!

Its a pretty bad situation if you ask me. I think Ottawa is a pretty dull place, but I like to see league prosperity. As much as I'm a Toronto Argonauts fan, I'm also a CFL fan. I like to see every market in the league do well, because it strengthens our league. It also makes our league look bad when there is 17 or 18k at a football game. In montreal there is a defence because they sell out, but its not even close in Ottawa. You also have to factor the fact that 5,000 of these 17,000 bought SEASON TICKETS for $99. With that said, I really dont see whats going to bring Ottawa fans to games at this point. A decent team hasnt fielded a good attendance, maybe a marquee player? While its easy to say that they should be moved, there should be a CFL team in our nations capital, but if Ottawa citizens arent gonan support the league for no reason, then pull the plug on those assholes because they dont deserve it

Hats off to the Hamilton fans...considering how they are stuggling this year.

Interesting Angle Supersmith.....Where are the fans that share your passion?

Here's a thought, Is it because Ottawa is a "Governemnt City." People and politics are more interesting than sports? Just a wacko kind of thought......

I maintain, people are sheep. Why do they flock to the NFL? Because of the hype - aka, the marketing. I heard that Hamilton has Ti-Cats banners up all over the city, now that Bob Young owns the team. Guess what? Huge attendance! Even for a crappy team! (Way to go, btw!)

I bet you the Renegades are just about last in the Ottawa media - and if there's anything said about them, it's negative. I bet you there are hardly any Renegades ads around the city. I bet you a serious marketing campaign would bring many more fans out.

If the Renegades are made to look popular - through lots of marketing - then they'll become more popular. People=sheep ... sad but true ...

actually i think hamilton deserves the most credit. good numbers and a crappy team. doesn't give the gm much of an incentive to get a good team going though if they are gonna get numbers like that with a crappy team, why make a good team

actually i think hamilton deserves the most credit. good numbers and a crappy team. doesn't give the gm much of an incentive to get a good team going though if they are gonna get numbers like that with a crappy team, why make a good team

the hamilton spectator's sports section has the first 3 pages devoted to the TICATS everyday!!!!...and the regular news section has 2 pages about the TI-CATS...the city does have banners showing 'proud home of the ti-cats'....
and so they draw big numbers for poor performance.

so u can look at the ottawa situation with a glass full approach.....with NO marketing, media bashing, and a 5-7 team theres still 18 000....2000 short of montreal.....

next year, if they add a few KEY-free-agents, some off-season promotion, and some good press....they could draw 10 000 more than this year, and be at 28 000 per game.....even if only 5 000 more come next year...thats 23 000...thats not too far off the ideal mark.

they have 18 000 going to games with a 'no-matter-what' attitude...thats better than the argos, lions, ti-cats from a few years ago.

Well let me fill you in Sportsmen.
This is a Gov't City, true. But we're also know as Silicon Valley North because of all the High Tech Companies here. The demographics are changing fast. We're attracting a lot of the bright minds from all over. New people are moving in from all over the world and bringing their sports interests with them. And these are not football fans let me tell you. I meet people all the time who tell me our "football" (CFL and NFL) is stupid sports. "That's not a sport, FOOTBALL is a sport!", as they refer to soccer.
The demographics in our Universities here have changes to the sports programs dramatically due to the influx of foreign students, (please don't label me a racist, because I'm not. It is quite lucrative financially for Universities to attract foreign students.)
Carleton University, for example, no longer has a football team. A referendum amongst the student population years ago voted to opt for more popular sports programs such a Soccer and Field Hockey. Can you believe that? And Carleton just built a huge athletics complex that accomodates the more obscure sports. I'll give them credit, at least they built a hockey arena.
So the big summer sport here in Ottawa now for kids is Soccer (puke!). There's even indoor soccer in the winter. My son's football team gets relegated to playing in the back forties to make way for huge soccer tournaments.

So the 17,000 faithful that you see In the rain at Gades games are always the 10,000 old Rough Rider Fans that are left from better days and the rest are usually the casual walk-up fan either getting a free ticket, or a two-for-one, and wearing Soccer, Basketball, NCAA, or NFL gear.

When I get home I'm going to pop in the tape of the 1976 Grey Cup win over Saskatchewan. Just to reminisce.
What has become of my birthplace? :cry:

How many hi-tech employees live in Ottawa? I lived there for 8 months on a work-term and at that point they out-numbered gov. employees. I was actually there for the rise and fall of Nortel. The first 4 months I was there they were building new buildings and the next 4 months they were emptying them out. Loved the city though and would love to move back at some point.

I do think the team needs more marketing to let the people know they are there.

There is NO excuse for Ottawa to be getting the attendance they have been getting, especially this year. Even when they were first in the East, and they played Saskatchewan, they got just over 20,000 people. This is abysmal. I can speak from experience because I'm a Lions fan, and a few years back our crowds were similar. But we still averaged about 22,000 in our 'bad' years. People in BC complain about the Dome, but what does Ottawa have to complain about? I've heard the stadium is half decent. Even though hockey is big in Ottawa, It's bigger in Vancouver. Yet we're still averaging over 31,000 fans per game. It's time for Ottawa fans to step it up, and show the players and the team that they care. Then, maybe the Renegades will feel like they have a city to play for, that supports them. I'd bet they play inspired football in front of 25,000+ at Frank Clair.

Didn't BC average less then 15,000 in it's bad years? I remember people talking about sub 12k attendance.

Don't think the Lions ever averaged under 20,000. It's possible maybe 18,000 or 19,000, but I seem to recall during our bad years we averaged slightly over 20,000. The sub 12k attendance refers to the pre-season games I believe.