Hate to bring up a negative topic in light of last week's win but...

Does anyone think we will see the 28,000 per game attendance average of 2004 on a consistent basis in the future?

It seems as if this season we hit a perfect storm in eroding the attendance to pre-Bob levels and just marginally better than 2003:

  1. Stiff ticket price increases.

  2. 3 years of futility + a poor start.

  3. TV-friendly schedule placing games on Thursdays in a blue collared town.

  4. Poor weather or chance of poor weather killing the walk-up crowd.

Before taking ownership in the team, Bob mentioned that it's never the fan's fault that the stadium is empty. Bob's been pretty silent this year. What does this organization plan to do in addition to winning to get the stadium atmosphere back to what it was for 2004 and 2005 and pack the park now and for years to come?

Fairly simple answer. If you are a Tiger Cat supporter and enjoy watching an exciting brand of football at an affortable price the fans will continue to watch out team. For those indiviulas who find excuses to attend - you will not be missed.

Personally, I don't think the ticket price increases have hurt attendance as much as some folks may have us believe. I know a couple of sets of people that haven't been to any/many games this year and at the top of their lists are simply the performance of the team.

It stopped being fun having our tushes handed to us week in-week out.

In one particular case though, they said they were going to a flex pack until the team at the very least became competitive again.

Other things I've heard people say was the atmosphere trailed off some. Music got quieter, music effectively disappeared, stopped being fun for the kids, but became more fun for the crab apples....

Personally, I'll be there night in and night out.

$58 for a ticket on the 55 yd line is a pretty good deal I think.

I’m thinking if we win resoundingly on Thu night there will be pretty darn close to a sellout on Labour Day … A win on Thu will just solidify the positive forward momentum.

We’ve ROCKED against the Argos (who *(&^) both games this year so there’s a definite chance of STICKING IT TO THEM ON LABOUR DAY!!!

Agian, more tickets stayed the same or went down in price. The largest increase did not affect 94% of the season tickets holders according to Scott Mitchell.

He's also stated that "tickets sold" revenue has actually increased noticablly.

Keep in mind that they've stopped handing out frrebies. That's got to account for a lot of the mepty seats. More than what I would have thought.

Same here.

When I talk to those that are not coming, it's becuase they've been horrible for too long.

I hope they look at "Thursday night games" attendance!

It's tough enough having to battle rush hour traffic but working the next day is another problem.

However a win at home cures a lot of the sting! :wink:

With the interest in the CFL increasing (as per the recent TV ratings), perhaps they will look at going back to more weekend games.

Honestly, I think we are in very good position for long-term sellouts.

Hear me out here.

If this team does turn it around -- which it looks like it's about to -- Bob Young is going to come out looking like a genius.

Everyone knows that the the worst thing that can happen to a franchise is winning too soon. Obviously, that hasn't been an issue with the Ticats. Many fans got a taste of the game day experience over the first 3 years -- and the stadium was damn-near full every game.

Those fans have since been turned off by losing. However, my theory is that they are itching to get back, but haven't been able to rationalize the emotional and financial equation yet.

But, there are legions of fans now waiting for a reason to go back to the stadium. And I don't think it will take much to get them back. If we had won a Cup, or come close, in the first couple of years, this string of losing would be devastating. But, expectations have been,,,uhh, managed rather well.

Remember, our small, embarrassing crowds this year were among the biggest during the Grant years. And we actually had a half decent team.

Once this team even reaches the level of mediocre (.500), people will be jumping for joy.

If we even have a sniff of being East Division contenders (which, may well be next season), I see near full crowds pretty regularly.

Who do you mean by 'they'? The Ticats or the CFL/TSN?

Enough with the thursday night excuse, the weekend games were also poorly attended.