OK, what gives here?

We keep winning at home, and attendance keeps decreasing at a rate of about 1000 per game

33,500 in preseason
32,700 in game 1 at home
31,700 in game 2 at home

I could understand this if it was the combo of less convenient Thursday nights AND a team stinking it out in front of the home crowd like they did time and again last season. BUT despite the mistakes this team is still making, they're giving fans a solid reason to come out. I mean, Cowtown comes to play and we get a measley 32k again like last year??? In 2006 we had 40k for a summer game against them!

I wanna see 40k+ when BC rolls into town on the 31st, particularly if we prove we can win on the road this year going into Rogers and Ivor Wynne the next couple weeks.

I think the few thousand difference per game is basically negligible. But overall, the decreased attendance in general this year can be directly attributed to to having Thursday games which is entirely illogical.

The CFL is the biggest bargain going especially now with free LRT! I think Edmonites are just stupid - they voted for Ed's party after all!! :roll:

With a couple of non-playoff seasons and a dislike for the head coach, some people have decided to stay away, despite the Eskimos early success this season.

Well, I wanna see 50,000 in attendance for the rematch, win or lose down in Calgary. The team has provided a win for the fans every home game thus far this year. There is no more Thursday Night 'gotta go to work/put kids to bed early/go to school' excuse this time, The average highs have really gone down lately, so its not good weather for going to the lake/cabin. The food is good at CW, though the game doesn't start till 7 anyway if people need to eat supper first at home or on the way home from work. And finally, transport to the game is free for everyone who has a game ticket as Ranxx points out with the LRT.

If thats not enough. Its Cowtown, the Enemy. Stampeders, Flames... precisely the sports teams we like to watch get destroyed. And that may happen to the former at the end of the week.

Has there been any word on what sized crowd they are expecting at Commonwealth for the re-match yet? Or is it too early for them to release that info?
I would expect 50,000+ will be there at any rate.

I'm hoping at least 45,000 + or I will be disapointed.

I have a few co-workers that have missed thursday night games because they live out of town. by the time they get home its 2 am thanks to the great 8pm start times if it was a friday like happened more last year they stayed in town and made those games