Hamiltonians should be ashamed

Season opener and there was maybe 13000 fans. You are all pathetic

I thought the attendance was reflective of the on-field product, personally.

No they shouldn't be ashamed. I'm a proud season ticket holder, but after the past years performances, and the rise in ticket prices Hamiltonians are speaking with their wallets.

After tonight's game I would venture to guess that the average attendance for the season will duck down to below 20,000 a game until this team becomes competitve again.

The moratorium on the organization ended last year after that dismal showing and the rise in prices.

This team needs to put up wins now to get their fans back.

Very insightful comment DKS13. Now do you have anything in depth to post about is what I am curious about?

When the players come out and see the stadium 80% empty for the season opener, you don't deserve a team here

attendance was announced at 20 500. It did look like about 16 or 17 thousand.

Ya it was ****** performance but where were the people. Why because Mr. young didn't give away 10 000 tickets

That's plenty.
I want the team here forever...and would never want to see us lose it.

But I also don't want to be like the drones at Maple Leaf Gardens/ Air Canada Centre...feverishly overpaying for a mediocre product either.

Tonights attendance (although, unfortunate given it was the CFL opener and such) was solid given the circumstance.

I am have been a season ticket holder for 13yrs and cause they keep losing doesn't mean I am going to stop going. Diehard maybe you guys do not know the meaning of that word. Win or lose I am there

Attendence was fine. I congratulate the people that were there. I think the concern is about the non attendees (which may have included some of those players!)

Just under 14 would be my guess. It's disapointing for sure. But I felt robbed of the 120-140$ I spent.The officiating was bush and so were the cats. Looks like it's back to the early 90's where you buy an endzone seat then sit anywhere you want. Small line ups and less people in the aisles blocking your view are some of the plusses I guess.

I will always be a diehard fan and stand by the cats!!!win or lose

What it comes down to is coaching apparently it doesn't matter what players they bring in they lose, you tell me where the problem is

Perhaps the CFL scheduling officials should really reconsider not scheduling games on a Thursday night. It really makes no sense as quite a few people cannot make it to a game during the week. What is wrong with playing games every Saturday? That way, you will not conflict with the NFL and attract more fans. The NFL seems to cope fine with holding games on Sundays.

It is a real detraction to the league, and it's a piss poor attempt to market to new fans when the games are all over the place. I really hate to say it, being a CFL fan, but this makes us look bush.

[quote="DKS13"]I am have been a season ticket holder for 13yrs and cause they keep losing doesn't mean I am going to stop going. Diehard maybe you guys do not know the meaning of that word. Win or lose I am there[/quote

And the fans of this team appreciate people like you. Big time.

But for the semi-diehard and casual fans, its damn hard to justify dropping around 100 beans to spend 3 hours wondering why you bothered.

Don't get me wrong...I'll take in my usually 4-8 games a year no matter what...but, I think this organization should be rolling out the red carpet to whoever walks through those stadium gates.

So who do you propose would be a better coach or coordinator.

Too many people come here talking about coaching. If you dont have options dont come to the table with that.

Absolutely correct. The Cats are at a point now where they need to show us something. Even if it comes from the front office. Plus the ticket price went up.. lol, we pay more than they do in BC and they are a fuck of a better team!

Totally agree with ya AB1978

Since you seem to know everything scott dog why don't you coach