Anyone know how ticket sales are going so far?.

Let's sell it out!!!

Meh, If I can't bring in my own food and flag pole, I'll just watch it at home. :roll:

well heres an idea for all you people who want to bring in your own food, maybe the team should have a box on your season tkt order. bring your own food a $20 surcharge per game. the concessions more or less subsidize the ticket prices for everyone and helps the teams with added revenue to sign players and keep them. with the flagpole i think you should be allowed to bring it as long as your not bothering fans

8) The team says they are expecting around 20,000 fans !!! If that is the case, then season ticket sales must be down considerably from last season !!!

when they say they expect 20k it means 17k will be there.

I already predicted attendances will be back to normal this year. It’s what they get for exposing all the new fans to so much lousy football.

But I don’t care as long as the team wins, and from previous experiences I know winning won’t bring in more fans.

Even though people get upset and things like ticket prices and possible black outs everyone still loves the Cats.

Opening night for the's going to be a good show in Hamilton. I say 25 000.

the 20,000 figure was said at least a week ago, and since then they've been pushing the opening game pretty hard on the media(CHCH, TicatsTV, AM900, Cable14, FAN590, TSN).. so i expect a little more than 20k now, hopefully its a sell out, I would love to go but unfortunately i can't. :frowning:

OK, the flagpole thing I get. You should be able to bring that, as long as you don't use it as a weapon.

but bring your own food? That's a pretty standard stadium rule, there buddy. Even for theatre, cinema, concerts, etc... it's a rule. Does this mean you won't go to the theatre or cinema?

It's not the Ticats treating their fans rudely. Every stadium has that rule.

Where's the "sarcasm" emoticon?

Ah right. Gotcha. :oops:

Anything less than a sell out is unacceptable.

Or an embarrassment if not close to a SRO?