I feel like it’s the big white elephant in the room. Anyone care to comment on last nights attendance (announced and actual)

The Spec mentioned 15,200 or so, but I wouldn't put too much stock into preseason attendance.

I think the attendance will be down this year to around 20k per game, irronically we'll probably have the first winning season since Bob bought the team. They increased their fan base way too quickly and now all those new fans will be bailing this year due to all the lousy football they've been exposed to IMO. 15k for preseason was average before Bob bought the team I thought.

15k? Maybe if you include how many players we dressed.

There was 10,000 actually in attendance last night....MAX!

10k is a generous number....I'd say less.
I would also say that 7pm games are difficult for most to get to and really it was only a pre-season game so don't read much into it.

8) I agree. There was only 9-10,000 max there last night, and even that estimate is being generous !!!!

It sounded like less than 10K.

Time for these chumps to start winning.

It was a preseason game on a thursday with a club that hasnt done too well in past years, what do you expect.

I think it is time to bring back the extra tickets for the preseason game for season ticket holders. Even if it means an extra 5-10 thousand people that get in at no charge they're probably going to buy a beer and some snacks. Maybe enjoy themselves and pay for a ticket to a regular season game. It frustrates me so much all the good things the Ticats were doing when Bob first took over and now I feel like if we keep going the way we're going to get to the attendance levels of 6 or 7 years ago.

Under 10k? that is down right brutal.

Well, that 0-4 opening-the-season ritual had better bite the dust this year because raising ticket prices means the rubber to respectability must hit the road PDQ or it may get ugly empty-seat wise...

Oski Wee Wee,

I have never seen a group of fans so quick to jump the gun on something then Hamilton Ticat fans.

As stated by a previous poster, "paid" attendance was 15,200, yet there were probably 6-7,000 "no shows".
The discontinuation of the "Traditions Club" contributed to the decline.
Traditions club season ticket holders used to get 2 additional tickets to the exhibition game for each season ticket they bought.
Personally, i didn't have 8 extra tickets to give away like in previous years
Great thing about it was i only waited in line for 4 minutes to get the coffee and hot chocolate at half time

Why would the Ticats attempt to hide
low attendance at an exhibition game?

Meaningless exhibition games
are historically poorly attended.

Their numbers never match those of
games during the regular season.

Wait until, as oski-oui-oui says,
'the rubber hits the road',then,

a few early wins will do a lot
towards picking up attendance.

By the way, ticket were scanned at the gate
so they do have accurate attendance figures.


frugal, those of us who were in the Traditions Club
were given coupons which could be exchanged
for 2 free tickets to any regular season game
except the labour Day game.

Reported attendance at other CFL pre-season games:
@ Regina - 28,800
@ Calgary - 20,219
@ Montreal - 20,202

Sorry Ron, not sure how long you have been a season ticket holder but i got 2 for the regular season....and 2 for the exhibition game for each season ticket (or maybe it was 1 bonus for the exhibition) daughter brought a pile of friends to celebrate her birthday (the 13th) for at least the last 6 years

What's with the rash of long lost usernames who go months and months between posts and in sec29guy's case two years between posts find attendence and ticket price issues so fascinating ?

Where would this site be without subterfuge and agendas? :roll:

Who cares how often they post. Some people, like myself, are on again / off again users. I always swing by to read but not always to add an opinion.

To me, someone with 3 million posts who comments on everything is way worse.