Every situation is different. There is no one willing to step up and take private ownership of the team. I dont think that kind of ownership can work here, we would end up like Ottawa. There has to be a will among the politicians, provincial and local, along with the feds to make funds available to build one, and its not there. You would have to find a good location within Regina to build, and the best spot is where Mosaic stands now. It would mean rail line relocation, and well, that is a complicated issue in its own right.

As for the "freebies" , well I wonder how many were actually used. I have one for a single game ticket, so I didnt use mine. I wasnt able to make it to TF for the game, but I said attendance, not paid attendance. Im sure the Riders got more than their money's worth for the freebies, and since nothing is actually "free", someone must have paid something somewhere along the line to allow those "freebies" in the first place.

Montreal has 20.2K(a Sellout)

I do like that attendance was high, but Edmontons was low(hopefully that picks up) and I'd like to know some final season ticket numbers in TO and Sask. did they atleast Break 14K? are they near the rest of the league and get 16.5K+?

Montreal, BC, Winnipeg, Edmonton, Calgary all have 17K+ do they not?

Not sure where Hamilton is.

The East Final will be in Winnipeg and close to a sell-out(28-29.5K fans)(a Solid 500K boost in Revenue for the BB)

The East Semi-Final is a real toss up, Hamilton will be playing in it.

The Argo's have always had attendance issues in the pre-season, don't judge them so much!

The "freebies" are a great marketing tool. They expose marginal fans to the game and frankly, a "free" ticket likely still cost the fan from $20-40 in concessions, depending on how much beer he/she drinks.
So if there were 8000 "freebies" the club just put a couple hundred thou against the bottom line.

As for a new stadium, Sambo and I agree on somethings, but not all things.
I agree that the current location is preferable. Knock down the east stands one year and rebuild. Repeat on the westside.
But barring that, if it got rail relocation going again, that would be great.
But there is room right beside Taylor Field to build a brand new stadium as well.
One might have to expropriate a few houses, but that is easily done.
As for the cash, call your local Conservative MP and tell them to live up to their equalization promise.
The money that we are not getting because of that single broken promise would pay for 2 stadiums, bigger and nicer than the proposed Bomber stadium each and every year...
Bottom line? The money is there, it is merely a question of political will.

There has to be a will among the politicians, provincial and local, along with the feds to make funds available to build one, and its not there.

I put that in my post Arius, did you not see that? I know the money is there, but really, those who voted for the Conseratives(I DID NOT), they can't see that they are the most obstinate politicians to deal with on a daily basis? It seems they think their way is best, and to hell with what anyone who disagrees with them.

As for the $800 million , well its all politics. If the Sask party ever forms a gov't, that money will freed up ASAP. It has always been the way Tories operate. I know of business people and businesses that cant voice any political view because people wont deal with them if they reveal that they vote Liberal or NDP. I suspect as well that the last thing the $800 million would be spent on is a new stadium for the Riders

Why is it not possible sambo to do what Mr. Asper is doing in the Peg?
With the combination of private enterprise and all levels of government.
With the stadium being the focal point, to include other such as convention center, hotel and shopping.
This would/could be the show piece of the city and will invigorate the population, not to mention creating many jobs and the eventual taxes and run off income.
It's a can't miss, again just like the fair people of Winnipeg have figured out.

Its because we dont have anyone like Mr. Asper here. I dont know of any one individual in Sask with that kind of money. We have always been a province that relies on the co-operation of many to achieve their goals. Just because it works in Toronto or Winnipeg does not necessarily mean that it can work here.

lol, how about Brent Butt or some hockey players? Rhett Warner(2.5M), Getzlaf, Ward, Belak, Corey Sarich, Stoll, Hartnell(4M+), Armstrong, Witt(2.5M+), Sillinger, Sopel(2M+), McClaren, Marleau(4.5M), Brown, Redden(6.5M), (Both P and N)Schaefer, Morrow(4M+)

26M+/year(contract money only) between 7 guys.

That is alot of guys earning atleast 450K and up to 6.5(Redden)

I'm pretty sure they make enough that if they passed the hat around they could raise the 40M over a 2 year plan. lol, not saying they would do it but that is where all the Saskatchewan Millionaires are.
All were raised in Riderville they could come back and help out the community(left out atleast 4 Saskatooners)


But the basic thing about the Asper deal is that it works in MOST CFL or perspective CFL cities.

If the stadium gets built for 110-130M, holds around 40K people, has top end seating and includes alot of upgrades to the surrounding area(an overpass, 2 level parking lot)

TO, Hamilton, Calgary, BC, Edmonton, Montreal, QBC, Halifax(or Moncton), London and Ottawa.

Could all use a similar model to build a stadium(if need be)

Sask is going one way, major renovations, what is it? 12M$ worth?

But some other cities like could look at the model and chose the Private/Partner route to a new stadium.
especially any chance of expansion, into certain canadian cities.

Wouldn't Getzlaf being involved be a conflict of interest, considering his brother is a Tiger-cat? :smiley:

The 20,000+ in Hamilton looked light, but felt packed (maybe because I packed on some weight in the off-season. :lol:) Smallest crowd at Ivor Wynne in some time.

I'm hoping it's because it's a pre-season game against Winnipeg. Our last couple of pre-season games have been against the Argos, so probably boosted our numbers a bit. Regular season should be about the same as last year, considering season tickets are around the same.

I saw what you said, and agree with that point.
I think where we tend to disagree is you don't see any need for a new stadium, while I do, and I disagree that it can't be done.
No one has really tried to this point, but the total money needed is really not that much when the economic, social and cultural benefits are considered.

Im not sure why this debate even started, I think most fans would much rather watch a game at Taylor Field than Rogers Centre. I may be speaking for only myself but I've attended games at both and Taylor Field may be a lot older, but it's a way better facility to watch a football game.

There won't be any serious stadium talks here in Saskatchewan for at least another 10 - 15 years.

As Sambo says, I don't think we have an "Asper" waiting in the wings, and frankly, I think privatizing the team would be a mistake anyway.
But certainly I am completely onside with the basic concept you present, AT. The province, the city, the feds, all claim to be onside with urban renewal, and paricularly aiding the urban aboriginal communities and this would be an outstanding opportunity to bring together all the facets you mention and make the New Taylor Field Park, the centrepiece of that renewal.
And there is plenty of private capital around to be an active and important part of a plan.
Fact is, the Hill family, as an example, could likely pull an "Asper" if they really wanted to.
of course I reiterate, Sambo is 100% correct in the co-operative spirit in Sask.

Renovations won't really do the trick for Taylor Field. It's in pretty lousy shape and although renovations show progress, it is just delaying the inevitable. In a few years the renovations will be forgotten and a new stadium will still be needed. Thank god we have the Aspers here in Winnipeg to get things moving. :smiley:

Most of the renovations consist of basic maintenance.
The 12 mill allocated includes new turf, the big screen TV and finally repairing some of the death traps we called stairwells.
All of that must be done periodically, regardless...
Even if a plan were put forward tomorrow for a new stadium, most of these renos would need to be done.
If you are living in an 80 year old house, but plan to build a new one someday, do you just let the old one fall apart in the interim?

Toronto is not a good CFL city for the simple reason the majority people now living in Toronto proper were raised on cricket, soccer and table tennis. Its called multiculturism.
The Argos have stated that a high percentage of their season ticket holders are from the area code 905. That is why they were going to build a stadium at York U. It would have been much easier for the fans north and east of highway 407 to commute ( not so great for the Oakville fans). Because of conjested roads its not an easy trip getting down to the Dome, which probably discourages many people who would go to games the if the stadium was easier to get to.
People don't mind some heavy traffic as much if when you get there, there was a parking lot to park in ( like old Exibition Stadium).
So the real football fans in the Toronto area aren't any different IMO then the rest of the country. But I can understand why many who work in Toronto and battle long rush hour traffic to and from work just don't have the stomach to do it all over again for a football game. Its not that they don't like the game. The TV numbers show that.
So as the old saying goes "ever critize a man until you walk a mile in his shoes"

Edmontons attendance was low, 31,650. Did I miss something here?

Double Blue, 42 % of Toronto's population is visible minorities. That still equates to 3 times more peaople in the demographic the should be CFL fans. Torono people stay away from the games in droves. The suggestion that Toronto is the only CFL city experiencing traffic congestion is laughable, try driving in Calgary sometime.

Face it, Toronto should be far and away the league leaders in attendance yet they don't draw near the fans that the Western teams do, take into account the fans per capita and the fact remains. Toronto is the worst supporters in the CFL.

It can be done, but it isnt needed.