If this is the sign of things to come, this looks like it will be a great year at the gate for years to come, attendance for home going from most to least(excluding Montreal)

Edmonton 31650
Saskatchewan 28800
Winnipeg 27078
Calgary 25877
BC 25320
Hamilton 20153
Toronto 18156

Those were for the pre-season games! The only team that was below 20K were the Argos... how do you explain that one Argotom?

Yeah, Explain that one.

We are waiting argotom! :lol:

These are some really excellent #'s for pre-season games! It appears as though there will be an increase in attendance league wide once again this season.

I personally wouldn't worry too much about Toronto, this crowd was larger than just about any regular season home games they had for years on end in the late 90's. Give them a 28,000 - 30,000 seater made just for football and it would be packed all the time.

Except nobody mentions that a large portion of those tickets were freebies, give aways if you will. There was definately not 28,800 at the Rider pre season game, maybe 25,000 and a lot of people still getting to their seats at the end of the 1st quarter.

Every season ticket holder got an additional free ticket per seat to the game. I guess if a lot of people aren't going to come anyways, make up for it with giveaways and make some money on concessions.

Which is why the cFL only plays two exhibition games. The interest in exhibition games in Canada, hockey or football, just isn't there.

We sold out in Regina, did anyone else?

Montreal? :stuck_out_tongue:

Show once again that Toronto is not a good sports city. No matter what kind of stadium they have, with 10 times the population to draw from the should lead the league in attendance every year.

MOst of Toronto's attendance comes from single ticket purchases, not season tickets. Nobody buys tickets for preseason.

This pre-season attendance figure was higher than 2005, when the Argos had their highest attendance since 1991. There is absolutely nothing to worry about in Toronto.

Toronto I am afraid to say is a Maple Leaf(not hockey) town mainly.
With about 25,000 Argo fans and another 10,000-15,000 wagon jumpers.
Yes we are making inroads, after the great Schwarz debacle of years before.
What better proof then an increase in season tickets this year to 14,000 and a nearly soldout Grey Cup.
I would not put too much stock into the pre season crowd though.
I predict an average crowd for the team at 33,000 this year and with a soldout Eastern Final.
Go Argos all the way to the GC.

That implies people paid for those tickets :wink:

And predicting a sell out for the Eastern Final is a bit premature isn't it ArgoTom? I mean they have to make the playoffs first to even have a shot at the Eastern Semi Final, let alone East Final :smiley:

Dude, SHH! lol

Sorry man, but I think that Eastern Final is gonna be in Winnipeg, however I think you are right in terms of it being soldout lol

I guess you guys are "green with envy", lol.
And by the way sambo, jman and dust plus other prairie followers, when is that fair city of yours going to build a new stadium. To rid itself of the delapidated TF?
Boys let's get into the 2000 century just like the Peg is.

What on earth is wrong with 18,000 in Toronto? I was floored when I saw that number! That's incredible for an exhibition game in Toronto - not to mention the first (ie, worst) exhibition game. And I don't believe that a) 29,000 people were at the game in Saskatchewan, and b) 29,000 tickets were paid for.

Dude, SHHH! and yeah it was pretty packed.

They are putting $12,000,000 or more, cant remember into it. They arent building anything new right now.

It did take awhile for everybody to get to their seats....because the crowd was so large, and the staff didn't handle the lineups very well. But if you were at the game, you know that the fans were there, and 99% of the seats had a butt in them.
As for the freebies, the Riders have done this every year for quite awhile now, and never got that large of a crowd, so if you put some perspective on that fact, it was a great crowd.
It was a combination of a perfect day for football, a booming economy and the Farm Progress show wrapping up an hour before the game (which helped ticket sales but hindered the ability of people to get to their seats on time).
But whatever the factors involved, the simple fact is, it was a sell-out!

Attendence at Taylor Field will be up this year. Count on it!