Attendance: What to expect from Edmonton, Calgary?

Any thoughts? Pretty impressive showing in Edmonton for a preseason game. Will they lead the league in attendance for the millionth year in a row?

What about Calgary?

i would think edmonton would lead again. Next to baseball, not much going on until hockey starts. As far as calgary... They need a solid start to the year to get good numbers again. Much of their attendance comes from people moved to alberta from other places who still hold on to their teams. especially winnipeg and sask. it was amazing how many bomber fans came out for the game last year. without a grey cup appearance this year, expect the attendacne to drop.

There is no doubt that Edmonton will lead the CFL in attendance again. They are simply the best fans in the CFL, always have been. No broken legs jumping on and off the bandwagon. Always there, year in and year out.

By the way, I am a Stampeder season ticket holder.

Calgary has attendance problems really?

Calgary seems like the perfect city to me for football to be popular!

Unfourtunatly with Saskatchewan's stadium size we aren't able to win this one :stuck_out_tongue: other than that I think Edmonton, they seem to have this new energy about their team with a new Head Coach. Alot of people will probably go just out of curiosity to see how they do. But if they get off to that same 0-6 start I can see there numbers dropping.

There are a few things that work against Calgary.

  1. Calgary is a white collar city for the most part, white collar fans are fickle.
  2. Calgary is for the most part a bandwagon city in terms of fan support. As long as you provide a winning team the fans are there, but......
  3. Calgary has a very transient population, when the Stamps flounder, fans flock to the NFL.

I have lived in Calgary for 40+ years had seasons tickets since 1982 and you can read the fans like a book. The only city that may have more broken ankles than Calgary is Vancouver.

Agreed on the first point. Disagree on the final point. Eskimo fans will be there win or lose. Edmonton is a blue collar city, blue collar cities are defined by their sports teams.

I would have said 29,000 or so actual attendees, but 32,796 with some preseason vouchers redeemed/not used and some ST holders perhaps staying at home due to the threat of rain (and it was a cool wind for june), I can see that as the paid attendance.

I don't se a attendance issue in Calgary, they have sold well over 20,000 season tickets and with the breakeven point of 24,000 per game, I think Calgary again will make a very nice profit for their owners

Wow, 32,000 and change for a pre-season game. Eskimo fans seem poised to once again lead the way in attendance this year. Great fanbase :thup:

Edmonton with that nice stadium should really show they can bring it and have 50,000 for every game. :thup:

No one's going to put 50,000 in a stadium unless it's a playoff game, or unless there's a rivalry like Edmonton/Sask had a couple years ago.

Yes chief it may be a bit of a pipe dream right now... But how great would it be edmonton did pack the
stadium every game? I'm pretty impressed with most of the pre season number. Except Calgary. But they had to be up
against a game 7. I would love to see every team go up in attendance this year. Alhough with sask and Montreal selling out every game, we just hope those numbers don't go down.

Usually when Calgary comes to town in Edmonton after Labour Day theres around 50,000 fans, and I believe a couple years ago there was a 60-63000 attendance for the labor day rematch. Although, if Sask got a stadium that could seat 40-45000 they would perhaps rival Edmontons attendance during the whole season, they have a huge fan base as well, just no where to seat them all :lol:

Edmonton and Calgary will be 1 and 2 in attendance again. Calgary won't sell out all the games but they seem to have a solid base around 30,000 and then for the marquee divisional matchups they either sell out or get very close. Edmonton's base seems to have gone down over the past few years with the lack of an exciting or really competitive team, but they still get the benefit of being able to fill up a 60,000 seat stadium with the divisional rivalries which should keep them on top for a long time.

There's no way Saskatchewan would sell out 40 or 45,000 seats. Maybe in another 10 years if the province and city keeps growing, but people need to remember that the playoff game last year wasn't a sell out. And I am a Rider fan.

Last year's playoff game didn't sellout? :o Very Surprising

nope...600 and change empty seats. I was disgusted.

I will defend the Calgary football fan - the white collar thing is pretty accurate, but I would say that there is a great base of fans above that. I remember going to games against Hamilton and Winnipeg during the Fateri debacle, when the Stamps were winning 5 or 6 games a season, and there would be 27,000 - 30,000 at those games.

I think Stamp fans can self-high-5, they are a good bunch!

And the weather here has been crap, all month long. If I recall, there was quite the downpour the night of the home pre-season game for the Stamps as well.

on a random but related note, why does the 2011 schedule say there were 28,735 people at Calgary's first pre-season game when we all know there was only about 8000 people there?

...because at any given time 20,735 people were standing in line to use the washrooms

....but the real reason is those stats are 'tickets sold', not turnstile counts...I don't think any clubs do head counts anymore, it's all based on tickets sold, whether the ticket holder actual shows up is a whole 'nother thing