Attendance vs TV

TV ratings are good but the most important thing for CFL teams is ATTENDANCE
If 100k or 1 million watch, it doesn't make one bit of difference to the CFL bottom line.
TV numbers are meaningless if only 12k show up in Toronto on Sunday or 21k in BC
A sell out in Ottawa tonight, that is the most important number. Fans willing to go out to a game and pay an average of $80 and $11 for beers.

Oh Jim... Every year... Can't you just give it a rest and enjoy the moment?

TV ratings matter. They up the value of the TV contract when it comes time to renegotiate. It ups the value of advertising and corporate sponsorship when those things are negotiated. For example, you can be sure that Ford and TD look at the reach on TV when they decide to pay for patches on the uniforms of the Stampeders and Redblacks respectively. Similarly, corporations look closely at the TV numbers when they decide to advertise on fields (hence, the on-field ads are all oriented toward the broadcast cameras). And all of those make a big difference on the teams' bottom lines, just as attendance does.

Attendance and television revenues are both important. But attendance revenue is greater than television revenue and determines profit or loss. Unlike other leagues, CFL teams cannot survive on television revenue alone.

Summed it up perfectly, Dave. The TV numbers may not help you today, but they sure help when contracts are up.

Attendance week 1

Montreal 20,129 ouch!

Ottawa 24,465 Low!

Ouch? Means the place was pretty much full, the end zone seats just aren't selling, no matter what they do, what promo they run, they just can't move them. It's a good sign, it is a maturing fan base that knows it's football.

Interesting slant.

Isn't 24,465 a total sellout in Ottawa? (Capacity is listed as 24,000 in online descriptions of TD Place). How can that be described as 'low'.

I think brianjox has been smoking been smoking the BC "special" blend. :cowboy:

Yup, Ottawa had 465 more people than seats, not sure what else brianjoxx expects. Especially considering the weather was expected to be bad and it rained leading up to game time.

It was a Thursday night game. But, then again, it was the SRR so...

It should have been much better.

This nitpicking of the all things CFL makes me not want to come to this forum. Can’t we just enjoy the season?

I see that our resident CFL hater is back.

Ask TSN if they think TV Ratings are meaningless. The higher the TV Ratings the higher that TSN can charge advertisers for commercials.

The higher the TV Ratings the higher the $that the CFL can charge for the next Canadian or US TV contract.

So Ottawa at 100+% capacity is low? Aside from you what's high then?

mikem the Rogers "plant"

And its top Quality. And damp cheep. Not this crap they sell in candy stores!!!

IMHO All are crying for a new stadium in Calgary except for Calgarians.
How about Montreal, Ottawa, and TO. Gees 25,000 is bottom line.
Why not shot for 30,000 capacity. I thought our population was growing.
Check all teams in the west. NICE job in Sask land and bomberville.
Watch BC numbers jump. Edmonton and Calgary Nice!!!!!!!!!

Small numbers in 3 east area points to failure again. Lot of empty seats in Ottawa. But cold and raining outside.

Anyone got a lite.!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep this up and well have 6 CFL teams. :cowboy: :cowboy: :cowboy: :cowboy:

Not true. I looked at ticketmaster and there were a few thousand tickets available between the goal lines for Montreal's game just an hour or two before the game. Since it is bench seating, people can spread out more covering the empty patches. Impossible to do in newer stadiums with individual seats.

Brian Joxx lives in the past when it was common for CFL teams and for that matter most other sports leagues to have monstrous sports stadiums that were rarely ever full. He was on a similar tangent regarding recent Grey Cup capacities.

Time to get with the program bud. 25,000 seat stadiums are the norm in the east (limit supply) so you best get used to it. That my friend is...

The Last Word

Good post Jim !!!!!!!!!!!!
However Average Price of $80 is too high at at stadium build for 35,000. I have no problem paying $50 as I have Money. BUT the young people need tickets around $20 today, which would include a drink and hotdog. West teams realized this years ago and still do it today.
5000 x 20 = future fans.

Now I'm not the best marketing person around. But $11 a beer that's plain STUPID.
Like I said before, gougers normally fail. Again.