Attendance Tonight!!! 25,100

I'm guessing 25,100 - This week I was able to get 5 people to go to the game tonight. This is going to be a good one.....

I'll gues 22,047

Tell some friends and make it 22,049 and then have them tell someone. I want to see Ivor Wynne packed... I'm at work now recruiting people. Seriously, it's funny....

Finally this city has a winning TEAM that they can support and the fans are ignoring them. Hopefully tonight's game will be a sell out as they richly deserve one. Don't forget to dress warmly... I did last week. BRRRRRRR!

8) You are right about dressing warmly for tonights game.
 I didn't last week.     <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->   But I will tonight !!   

 As far as attendance goes, I would be very disapointed (as would the TiCats), if we don't get at 
  least 23-24,000.

 Realistically, I expect probably around that 22,000 figure.    <!-- s:cry: -->:cry:<!-- s:cry: -->

25100 would be great. I really do hope the fans pack the stadium. The Ticats deserve the support and a real loud crowd. Go Cats!!!! :rockin:

anyone else notice that last week's 19,ooo and some was louader than labourday's 30,200?


I did lol. i hate when people go and treat it like a movie theater where you can watch but not make noise. This is the one place we want to hear you act like a fool by shouting at the top of your lungs and making noise. Make Calvillo's job harder tonight, and we're that much more likely to win.

In any other market it would be a sellout...but you have to remember that youve got a lot of disgruntled fans in that city...they'll come around eventually, especially after the Cats win the Grey Cup this year!

you also have alot of people out of work this year people can't afford to go to too many games as they are used to my income as a cab driver is down over $4000. this year if didn't have season tkts wouldn't be going

Should be 27000
Realistically I hope for 24000
Even more realistically I expect 21000

I'm gunna guess 21,445. Is there money to win if we get it exact? 8)

Different dynamics. I thought, for an virtual blowout, the Labour Day game was quite loud. Especially closer to the end when it was well in hand.

The Calgary game....well, that was just amazing. Every fan in the place deserved a big pat on the back for that. Talked to some people from out of town who saw the second half...they assumed there was at least 25k there.

Anyway, the fans really rose to the occasion. I hope everyone brings in tonight! Can't wait!!!! Love that there's gonna be a little chill in the air, too! Just feel like football. Good hitting weather!

This will be an excellent test for our squad, looking forward to it, drinking a brewskie now getting ready!!!!

Same here, I'll be leaving in about an hour to catch a bit of the pre game atmosphere

My guess and my hope is 25,000+

Hopefully the city won't look like a fool again on national television like the Calgary game but we'll see.

I noticed the same thing. It was loud last week.

I passed by Ivor wynne an hour a go and there were more people tailgating than last week at this time. Hopefully this is a good sign.

Hey this is Hamilton and its a cold night, therefore 18,200