Attendance solutions

As we all know Toronto sees itself as a big city and will only support big league sports. The only way this city supports this team is if they go out and sign big name players. Like they did when they shocked the football world and brought in the "Rocket". I know with the salary cap in place it would be impossible but unfortunately for people that continue and talk about why they cant sellout BMO. Face facts, nothing will truly work unless they bring in NFL or top College Stars. That is the only solution.

I do believe they should have one player removed from the cap and call him the franchise player .

They can put a cap on him so it won't bankrupt the league but I have to agree all teams should have at least one face of the team that is worth a separate cap area . It could lead to some quality players at least trying the three down game from the NFL . Many will do well many others will flop but at least you will have more stories to sell if a team needed to fire up a fan base that is sleeping .

At the very least one player if not two. Look at all the coverage and exposure the league has been getting with Manziel all season and especially this week since he's starting on FNF. He's the headlines on TSN and if you look at twiiter this week so many people from the US are looking forward to seeing him play. This to me is how you grow the league and build on fan support. Expect the highest ratings on TSN and on ESPN for this fridays game. Stars sell the product. bottom line.

Couldn't the league just negotiate a development slot, or two, for a player the NFL didn't think was ready for their league? It would be exciting to see some upcoming prospects, even if it was just for the short term.

I don't see why not, especially if the NFL paid the player's salary. Maybe the league could even make some money off the NFL offering such a service, or have it part of their negotiations to be part of NFL network.

Maybe Argo fans should market themselves as a really exclusive club.

The Eagles had over 40k show up to an open practice and we can't even get 12k to a game. This city is really pathetic if you ask me and I'm a long time Argo fan. I can't even convince a friend to attend a game. They have zero interest in the league.

That is what I never understand as the stadium and amenities even if your not a
fan ; it can be a fun night out .

They do serve liquor and have cheerleaders so even if your a snob for the CFL it does have all the similarities of it's big brother NFL .

You may have stumbled on something though a fan group for solo fans would make it an interesting addition . A place to mix and enjoy the game with others soon to be new brothers and sisters is a great way to add some ticket buyers .
They might be surprised if they market it right at how many want to come out and participate if you add in maybe a few travel games and special events .

I almost never post in a team's forum except for the Bomber's but I feel I have something to add to this conversation. Never mind the players or the team, I am looking solely at the venue and how a fan is treated.

Sat. July21 I went to the game at BMO at 4pm. There is only one entrance we could enter regardless of my seats. Security told me to empty my pockets of everything. I did so and held it all in my two hands together. Then I was asked to raise my arms and I asked them what should I do with what is in my hands. Do you have a tray ? "No" was the answer and then the guy said I did not have to empty my pockets. It was comical at best and I watched others go through the same thing... The stadium is nice. Seats are too tight though....When there is no play on the field we were SCREAMED at constantly by a girl and guy. When they weren't SCREAMING, the same monotonous rap type music was blared at us. The screamers said that the halftime show was for the kids and there would be characters dressed up to put on a show. It was family day. No show at halftime. Instead we got 7 or 8 young girls and guys all dancing the exact same way to the same monotonous (too loud) music. The screaming and music was TOO LOUD. (It was like this at the SkyDump too.) I saw a few people covering their ears. One guy had protective headphones for his kids ! The cacophony went on the whole game. It was like a weight was taken off when the screaming stopped. As we were leaving, after the game, the people with kids were complaining that they had to leave the stadium and then return back in ( through security again !!!) for their kids to see the characters who were now standing in one of the end zones. There were a lot of unhappy parents and some were voicing their opinion loudly.

Sat.July 28 4pm THF in Hamilton. Ottawa the opponent. Security were on the ball. Scanned us quickly. No gymnastics involved. The stadium is great. Roomy seats !
Nobody screamed at us. Nobody. I guess in Hamilton they figured out what a LOUDSPEAKER is and they use it properly. Nobody had to cover their ears. Whenever there was a lull in play the big screen scanned the crowd and they had events for us like 'flex your muscles', kiss your girlfriend', 'dance your Ti-Cat dance'. That sort of stuff. It was hilarious and the whole place was laughing. When there was a longer lull, they had about 30 young girls come out and dance like they were cheerleaders. It was funny and adorable, they were young. 4 to 10 year old range. You could tell the girls were excited and their parents were happy and proud.
My point is that the whole event was about us, the fans. My ears weren't hurting when I left. I've been to many rock concerts so I know loud. I had a great time and was laughing a lot.

Argos, take note !

Making the gameday experience more enjoyable would definitely be a key to bringing back repeat customers, for sure.

I'm not so convinced that a Rocket-like splash is a particularly sustainable strategy. It might increase interest for a short time but at what cost, and what happens when that players busts and/or moves on?

I think the team (and league in general, as the same problem is occurring in all our largest markets) has to address the attitude that people have toward the product, i.e., that is something worthy of derision. For decades, certain sectors of the media have ridiculed and expressed scorn for the CFL and people have grown to accept that. The Argos and league should counteract that with a campaign that casts those scorners in a ridiculous light . . . make it 'cool' for people admit they're Argo/CFL fans by casting them as individuals and even rebels standing up against bitter old uncool haters.

Even though it was family day at BMO, I would say the majority of fans were 40-50 and white. Don't understand playing nothing but rap music at a deafening level. I only saw a few people dancing and that was solely to get on screen.
Hamilton on the other hand played a variety of music from different decades. Everybody was represented, not just the players and their families.

I felt welcomed at THF and not at all at BMO. You tell me. And I'm a Bomber fan... I was not wearing any Bomber gear at either venue.

I don't think it's the product on the field either. It's the perception of the product. I remember having to buy scalper's tickets back at old EX stadium and the Argos were not a good team at the time. There were no empty seats.

I can't disagree with anything you said there Dan.

Yah, the "screamers" on the small megaphones thing is new this year and it is quite annoying.
I believe that management initiated that to get the small crowds who are notorious for sitting on their hands to cheer loudly.
Over the last two home games, we fans at the stadium have shown that we can be very loud in fact.
I hope that the megaphone people go away.

Also, sadly that Family Day game was one of the worst promotion games I have attended. The activities may have worked in the Shipyard before the game, but during the game it was weak.

Anyway, the last two home games have been a great experience, largely because of the excitement of the game getting we fans to cheer on our team.

I know that this was said facetiously (well, I think so anyway) but in status-conscious Toronto, this idea could actually work!
Market being a STH for the Argonauts as an exclusive club and the snob set might buy in droves.
The corporate boxes should fill up quickly!

I have been disappointed, as posted previously, by MLSE and the lack of presence the team has right now. I really thought this would improve immediatly.
The last game had atmosphere, but it was because of us...the fans.

The issues you've posted about, I haven't seen. Going through the gates has been quick and easy and the fans in my section are loud but not over the top.

It boggles the mind of any fan in sports why a Grey Cup winning team like the Argos have, a great facility to play at BMO Field in the heart of Toronto, great transit to and from the game, a tailgate area in the parking lot, strong ownership from MLSE and millions of people to draw from within a short commute or walking distance cannot draw 20,000 plus fans to a game and every game for that matter?

The Tiger-Cats are coming to BMO this weekend to play the Argos, my guess is that Toronto might get 12,000 mix of True Argo Fans, CFL fans, corporate handout tickets, visitors from out of town etc?

7-10,000 fans will be Ti-Cat fans from the GTA who will pour into BMO off the GO train or transit to watch a great rematch.

MLSE must be thinking wow if we could only play the Tiger-Cats every game but they can't and must do a better job of selling the team, the CFL brand to Toronto and the GTA.

Make Mike "Pinball" Clemons your community Liaison person and with a team of ex-players and current Argos to go out and really sell the team to young fans, give out free tickets and food vouchers to under privileged kids. Also the players can be doing more good with Toronto's youth in getting them involved with Sports rather than guns or gang activity?

By doing this you will naturally broaden your fan base, build community alliances not just now but down the road that will keep fans interested in the Argos and the CFL for years to come.

When the former owner of the Leafs now passed Harold Ballard owned the Tiger-Cats in Hamilton, he removed the old western stands from Ivor Wynne Stadium, when he did that, he removed a generation of football fans because this were the cheap seats, the ones struggling families could afford to take two kids to see a football game?

The Argos have had an attendance problem for awhile now, at least since they left the old CNE stadium and I believe the only way to correct that is by doing more work and a better job in your community of selling the team. You have all the tools, you just have use them!


winning cure almost all things
a dynasty would really help especially w/ jays tanking for at least 3 yr/
as al davis said; "just win baby!"

Been there, done that.

Argos field one of the greatest (some say THE greatest) teams in CFL history in the late 90’s but still drew 15,000 fans per game

1992 6-12 Avg: 32,053 (9 out of 9 games)
1993 3-15 Avg: 25,417 (9 out of 9 games)
1994 7-11 Avg: 16,841 (9 out of 9 games)
1995 4-14 Avg: 16,659 (9 out of 9 games)
1996 15-3 Avg: 20,432 (9 out of 9 games)
1997 15-3 Avg: 18,226 (9 out of 9 games)
1998 9-9 Avg: 18,909 (9 out of 9 games)
1999 9-9 Avg: 21,052 (9 out of 9 games)

which season do denote as 'the greatest' and which season argos the NOT draw more than 15k?

The Leafs are the worst at winning and have the strongest following in all of Canada .

Argos won the Grey Cup last year and nothing in ticket sales . The same with 2012.

The Stamps who are the strongest team around for length of time lately are just so so when it comes to attendance . You would think they would be number one or two in attendance . Not sure when was the last time they sold out .

With only 9 teams in the league maybe making the road there more difficult and challenging would help . It might be one of the ingredients .

Toronto is a enigma . The weakest link right now but the most important link .

96 and 97 with the great Flutie and 15 - 3 records they had 20 Thousand the first year and they actually went down the second year with 18 thousand the next year .That is a very revealing trend .

99 with a .500 record they had a better average than those great teams .

They had 32 T with 6 -12 record in 1992 .

Something else is driving people away . The puzzle needs to be solved .

Winning is just the icing on the cake . They need compelling reasons to attend .

They need that faithful following other teams generate and it needs to be organic to survive . Celebrity and NFL stars is fleeting and has no staying power .