Attendance Sat night?

Does anybody have an idea on how many tickets have been sold for the game against Montreal so far? I'm thinking that we should get about 37,000 people out considering we're 10-0 and we just pounded the Renegades. Can't wait for the game!

You make 37,000 soundlike a good crowd. I think Edmonton Averages about that many a game. In a smaller city

Maybe so, but considering that at the beginiing of last year we were lucky to get 15,000, 37,000 is pretty damn good.

The one thing I have against Vancouver fans...the majority are fair-weather fans. If the team does well, they're there, if the team does badly, they're not.

It's a huge deal because of the ticket prices. 37,000 at BC Place rakes in much more money than Commonwealth Stadium. Compare the prices from and

BC Place:

Premium $65
Platinum $55
Gold $45
Silver $30
Bronze $25

AND NO YOUTH PRICES which is a huge disparity - nearly 50% off. Furthermore, once the lower bowl tops out at 29K, ALL the upper bowl tickets go for $45.00, ouch!!! And if you fill 8K+ in the upper bowl, you'd be able to afford Rickey Ray's entire year's salary in just one night.


$43.00 $23.00 Prime Seating Lower Deck
$38.00 $20.50 Prime Seating Upper Deck and Lower Deck Undercover from the 0 to 30 yard line
$32.00 $17.50 Choice Seating Lower Deck
$25.00 $14.00 Budget Seating Upper Deck

Looking at, the game is selling well. So it should draw close to 40K I reckon. I was surprised to see 33,000 for Hamilton's game so 42,000+ would not surprise me.

It was actually 3 years ago when Damon Allen was still the QB. Don't really know what happened that year. Doesn't seem like management cared, so neither did I. Being a relatively young fan, I can't say I was overly excited at a 38/39 years old starting QB. Nothing against the age or Damon, but without a rich football tradition and team presence in the province, you need a little more sparks than that. Then came Casey!!! wheww Of course attendance already picked up a bit after Dickenson was onboard. ... I'd bet you that if Toronto go after Casey Printers in the offseason and if he gets back to form like last year, attendance will increase by at least 2000 fans/game.

First pre-season last year was about 15,000, IIRC.

Radio said 27,000 was sold this morning. Upper deck is open for remainder of the season.

37,000 is optimistic, but makeable.

Budha: after Murray Pezim and the Brick guy almost drove this franchise into the ground, we have to take baby steps in attendance to get it back to 50,000+ of the early 80's.

Actually Comrie (the brick guy) saved the from Pezim. You may talk about the ticket prices, but the fact remains that the Eskimoes made enough from their ticket bases to buy a AAA baseball team. The onlyt reason that they lost them was because the PCL said that they had to.
What I get mad at though is hearing about teams like Montreal who brag that they have sold out how many times in a row, when the average crowd in Edmonton would not fit in a majority or stadiums in the league. I believe only thr Rogers Center and BC Place would hold them.

I can agree with that. Make it sound like this great & wonderful thing, but the stadium holds fewer people than the hockey arena...

Not certain how many are sold so far, but I was at the last home game versus Hamilton, and there was 33,144 there (approx.). If we can draw that for a team that was still winless at that point, I'm predicting 40,000+ for this weekends tilt with the Alouettes. I've got my tickets to help the cause, and can't wait for the game. Its a Saturday night, nothing else going on in the city that night, its not a long weekend, and the team is undefeated putting its record up against an opponent that traditionally draws well. 40,000 fans, easily.

True, but at least give the Alouettes credit for expanding Percival Molson Stadium to hold more fans each season, and there are plans to continue this for next season as well, so they are doing all they can to increase the size of the stadium. And, at least its sold out...did anyone see the attendance in Ottawa last week? Terrible. I'd rather see 18,000 sold out seats than 18,000 in a 35,000 seat stadium. :?

Forget recollection, look it up!!!

[url=] ... y&ceid=216[/url]

It has all the attendance figures for the past 5-6 years.

Actually I was reading the Province newspaper this morning and it said there's an anticipated crowd of 45,000 people; I think it's pushing the envelope abit but wow what an atmosphere that would be.

last saturday i went to get tickets, and they only had singles pairs!!! it is gonna be huge then, and i am still going to watch the lions win another one!!!

next home game they need to think about opening up the entire building...if you have the seats, then people will come...and cheapen the upper deck seats too!!!

for the game this Sat. vs. Mtl ??

Seems strange...Singles only.... Maybe he meant Grey Cup (Heard 52,000 sold for that) The radio said an optimistic prediction of 45,000 might attend this Saturday.

it’s wrong for both… but i wanted to make sure he was talking about the right game before i said anything… for the game this sat. you can get 1,2,4 or even 6 seats together… and the Grey Cup still has pairs… didn’t try for more than a pair… both of those were as of tonight…

as for Sat… i hope there’s over 40,000… but last i heard there was only about 27 or 28,000 sold so far… so i would guess somewhere around 35,000 might be a little more probable.

I heard on the radio today that they were at 31,000 so far and selling briskly.

nice :smiley:

I predict 37,254 to the Montreal game.