Attendance records?

I was wondering if anybody has attendance records for each team for the past few years? I've been curious about which team has attracted the biggest crowds, but also which team sells most of its stadium out, etc.

Ive heard that in the past year CFL attendance has gone up quite a bit, do you think that it will continue to rise or do you think it was just a lucky year? Anyways, any help would be appreciated!

Oh, and one more thing, can someone tell me the capacities of each team's stadium? Once again, thanks to anyone hwo can help.

Edmonton has the biggest crowds every year.

Montreal sells out every game although they do have the smallest stadium at 20002 (or something like that). But they also have the most expensive ticket prices.

The CFL's attendance has gone up in most cities in the past couple of years. Most notably Hamilton and Toronto have been doing a lot better at the gate. A new owner in Hamilton helped.

This will help you:


Personally, I expect attendance to continue to rise, especially if Molson Stadium is expanded, as they've been planning, and BC and Toronto continue their upswing. Hopefully, Ottawa can pull a Hamilton, then all will be good.

However, having said that, attendance in the 70's was higher, I expect, as were television ratings (at least for the Grey Cup).

Thanks for the help. DO you think that Hamilton's poor performance this year will affect next years attendance?

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Well, I don't really think it's "luck"; it's the fourth straight year of attendance increases; average attendance has increased 15% since 2001. Only Ottawa has shown a drop in attendance over this time last year.

The Ticats have probably the best sales team in the CFL. I believe they are more than capable of selling tickets regardless of the team's record.

If this year's performance affects Hamilton's attendance, it will only be marginally. (I know it's not stopping me from renewing my tickets.) The season ticket base, while solid, is about 15,000; only about 5,000 higher than their worst seasons attendance-wise. That means they still sell 12-13,000 tickets per game outside of that. If they're doing that with a 2-10 team, imagine what they'll do next year when the team is bound to be better.

If they lose any, it'll be from those 5,000 new season-ticket holders. Even if they lose half of those, they're still looking at an average of about 26,000. And if the team is better, they'll probably more than make up for that with increased sales of individual game tickets.

Montreal holds the top five positions for attendance records.

Hamilton Is Doing Fine And Their Record Won’t Affect Next Years Attendance. 2003 The Ti-Cats Went 1-17. I Went To The Labour Day Classic That Year And The Attendance Couldn’t Have Been More Then 20 000. That Year Hamilton Was Stricken With Owenership Problems Which Was The Reason For The Poor Turnout. This Year The Team Was Only 1 Win Ahead Of Where They Were The Year Before At The Same Point, Yet This Years Labour Day Classic Sold Out. The Owners Are The One That Create The Attendance Numbers In The CFL Not Only The Teams Performance.

As For Max. Capacities:

B.C. Place 29 706 (Lower Bowl)

McManon 36 651

Commonweath 60 081

Ivor Wynn 28 830

Percival Molson Stadium 20 202

Olympic 68 318

Frank Clair 27 695

Taylor Field 27 732

Skydome 52 595

All These Stadiums Can Hold More Then The Numbers That I’ve Given And These Numbers Are Based On Sections/Seats That Get Covered.

Thanks for all the help guys. Can anybody tell me if this website's record are accurate?

If this website IS in accurate than it look like attendance is up by about 500 people (according to this post: Which isn't that big of a gain but its good that its a gain nonetheless.

Wow, Montreal's stadium is pretty small. Does anyone know how many seats they're adding? And what was wrong with Hamilton's ownership last year, and why did it affect the attendance? Do you think Ottawa will be able to do the same this year? It would be sad if the CFL lost a team (again)

Sorry for all the questions, I'm a new CFLer and season ticket holder (Edmonton-this is my 2nd year), and I've just been curious about this for a while. Once again, thanks for all the help (that website's great) and sorry for all the questions!

Don't worry about asking questions. there are a lot of knowlegable people on this forum who enjoy answering these questions. Congrats on becoming a fan of the CFL. You picked a great league to be a fan of. The team is questionsable :wink: but I assume you live there so its ok.
As for your questions I cannot really answer them correctly so I will let someone else do this.

Welcome to the CFL Ollie.