attendance questions

I have lost track of hamiltons stadium situation. Where did they play this weekend. Got to be some special reason for only having 5500 fans, if I can believe this sites numbers.

Where were all the people in Ottawa who have been waiting so long for a team. First game in how many years and they only have 13,000 show up. Preseason or not, I expected a full house. Methinks it doesn't bode well, specially if the Team doesn't do very well soon enough.

Me trying to say or post their chosen team name is like Fonzie trying to say he was wrong.

Game was in Saskatchewan but still a small crowd , especially for the Riders. As for Hamilton, why not play that game in a bigger Stadium ? Young will be lucky to make money this year, lost a ton on that pre season game.

Really? Whining about the attendance for a pre season game? Not everybody cares about watching players that will eventually play in the AFL. I think 13,000 or more attendance for a CFL preseason game when the the World Cup and other events like the NBA Finals, and Stanley Cup and US Open are on is pretty good. I didn't know if you didn't pay to see a meaningless game the world has fallen apart.

If there's going to be a thread about attendance and its not related to the Argos I'd hope the subject would start week one not in pre-season. I've seen some threads but this is going so far I don't know where to begin

It's a forum . nobody forced you to click on this thread. Hamilton playing in front of 5 000 people isn't a great selling piece for the league.

And remember neither game was a part of the season ticket package. In Hamilton the game was at McMaster (where they hold their training camp) and 5500 is basically the capacity at Ron Joyce Stadium there.

For Saskatchewan I think that is a pretty good crowd since I'm assuming all 13,000 tickets were all purchased individually and were not part of any season ticket package.

The Ticats game was held at Ron Joyce Stadium at McMaster Univ. in Hamilton. The game was a sellout with tickets allocated to lucky season ticket holders by a lottery. Hamilton's new stadium, Tim Hortons Field is still under construction with the official opening on July 26th vs. Ottawa.

Ottawa's new stadium, TD Place, is also still under construction. Their "home" exhibition game was held in Regina, drawing a reported 13,000 fans. This in no way reflects the true Riders fan support, who will draw closer to 30,000 for their real home exhibition game next week.

You could probably work a little harder on figuring out where they're playing though. :roll:

you are bad :oops:

I keep losing track of which stadiums are not ready. They are playing in the new wpg stadium...right?? sigh

13000 is still low for a game in regina. Would it be right to suggest many farmers are still trying to get their seeding finished??

The idea was good since Ottawa had no stadium to play out of yet.
The Marketing was terrible.I believe it was marketed by the league not by the Riders who simply agreed to allow the REDBLACKS to use their stadiumunder whatever agreement was made.
marketing a Rider game with Henry Burris as the selling point not such a good idea.
In hindsight perhaps marketing the game as a non season ticket holder game at season ticket holder prices giving fans a chance to sit in great seats that they would otherwise never get to sit in.
Oh yea could have but a little more focus on the fact that it is the first chance to see the team in green play since it won the Grey Cup.
It has to be very hard to hide the fact that a game is being played at Mosaic, pre season or regular, put the league did a nice job.

I was surprised more people didn't show up for the Riders-RedBlacks game. A chance to see the Grey Cup champs versus a new Ottawa team would seem to be an exciting matchup, even for a practice game. Maybe part of the ho-hum nature of pre-season games. Even the announcers seemed bored...I thought there would be some noting of Ottawa's return to the league during the opening kickoff....but nothing was said, odd.

Both Hamilton and Ottawa have both sold out all premium seating sections for the season. Which is alot of revenue in itself.
Both I think are maxed out on season ticket sales.
Ottawa has yet to put single game tickets on sale yet for opening home game and have less than a thousand seats left.
about 16K in season tickets
about 4 K in flex packages
about 4 K in the "I will be ther package" which gets you a ticket to the opening weekend double header Football on friday night and Soccer team on sunday after noon.

Not sure where Hamiton is with total sale for the home opener but I would guess it would be pretty good and as soon as everyone realizes that the stadium will acutally be ready to host the first game that the tickets left will go very fast.

Bob will do just fine with the regular season @ new THF. Remember ... there are a tonne of new premium seat revenue generators at the new stadium.

  1. They've never had "CLUB" seats before. Now they have 1,000 @ an average of $1500 per & they're sold out. So that's $1.5M.
  2. They now have 30 suites ... which are sold out ... conservatively priced @ $50K for the year before hostess & food.drink costs ... That's another $1.5M
  3. Field side & end zone lounge seating ... which is also sold out ... ranging from $240 to $2500 ... conservative estimate of another $500K in revenue.

So without even delving into the migration of seats/sight-lines into higher ticket price points ... With just added premium seating options @ THF ... which they really never had before at IWS ... Bob is getting $3.5M more revenue this season!

He's okay with the pre-season game being held at MAC ... Bob will make money this year ... Don't fret about it!

You are right, 23,000 attendance at the old IWS is equal to 29,000 in the new THF

Yes, they have. The only way you can get a ticket for the Ottawa home opener is to purchase the "I'm Going Ticket Package" which is a combo pack for the RedBlacks home opener as well as the home opener for the Ottawa Fury soccer club. You get tickets for both events and it works out to $25 extra for the soccer game over the price of the football ticket.

You are right, single game tickets are on sale but there are NO individual tickets available for the Home Opener, unless you buy the package.

Yes that is what I meant. for game 1 you cannot go to buy a ticket just for the REDBLACKS opener, It must come from a 3game flex pack or "I am going package" as we said gets you a ticket to both games at a special package rate.
If I checked the schedule right there are two more weekends in which there will be a football/soccer doubleheader Friday night ans SUN afternoon.
I would suspect their would a package for each of those weekends as well.

What a great business plan this group has put together with their stable of three teams they own.
The Stamps also have been recently added to Flames LP. NHL, WHL, NLL, and CFL.
TiCats owner Caretaker Mr Young also appears to be headed to adding a NASL franchise to his mix
The Lions hopefully will be able to becomepart of the Canucks S&E and Argos MLSE.
Would leave just Montreal as the only single owner set up. Although the Father/Son duo have a great partnership with the University of McGill which enables them to add a Vanier Cup to their profits in 2014.

S'all good. Being that I'm an Ottawa fan, I guess it seemed obvious to me. Maybe it wouldn't have been if it was BC playing a "home" game in Calgary instead or some such. :thup:

Although the crowd in Regina was disapointing, I can understand why someone who paid for the season might balk at having to pay for another game, on top. What I really question is the decision to play the game at Mosaic. This was an opportunity to showcase the CFL in a different location, like perhaps Laval. The capacity is close to the 13000 there and it would not be out of the question to do the 4 hour drive from Ottawa to Quebec. They could have even chartered buses and created a bit of an event. Lost opportunity IMO.