Attendance Projections for Ottawa game??????

I heard blurbs on our interior radio station, so I'm not sure of the accuracy. Anyone know how ticket sales are for the game? I though I heard something about the Lions opening half of the Upper deck because of demand (Again, our station not the most reliable)

I was under the impression the Upper deck was for playoffs, or big games. Playing Ottawa doesn't seem to fit either category.

They open the upper deck if they sell enough tickets x number of days before the game. As for this weeks game... last i heard there were about 22,500 sold for it, but they expect to sell out the lower bowl which is just over 29,000.
As it stands right now the upper bowl is still closed, but who knows... if they can sell 3,000 or so more by tomorrow they might open it up.

I heard on Team 1040 that 24,000 tickets were sold for that game and that was last Thurs.

i went and checked the cknw audio vault... and during the noon sports they said it was 23,000 sold so far for fridays game

I heard 23,000, someone else heard 24,000. This would probably include bulk sales through 7-Eleven and other retailers who are allocated tickets to resell to individual fans. It's still a long way from a sellout.

Good to see. Hope it’s loud!
I’ll be making the trek to visit my son, so we’ll take in the game.

Just a few minutes ago, I just supported the Gades by getting 4 tickets for the Sept 8 game in Ottawa.