Attendance Predictions?

How do you folks think average attendance and those for the big divisional rivalries will be compared to the last couple years?

Edmonton - up
Calgary - up
BC - down
Regina - down

With the Grey Cup here next season overall attendance should go up. I suspect the additional season ticket sales should make a difference. With the divisional games they have added a “Premium game” charge to the tix so that might have an impact. The west is the best though so I think people will be willing to pay the little extra.

The Thursday games have killed attendance the past few years, and we have lots of them again this season. IIRC, We've averaged around 37-38 K the last 3 years, but I feel that with a more competitive team this year and the GC in '10, we'll be close to or above 40K. Labour day rematch vs. Calgary will most likely be the best in years and should top 50K, unless its raining. Games vs. Sask may decline slightly in attendance compared to the past few years, because I don't think they are fielding a very good team this year.

I think attendance will be good. We have an improved team, so I think interest will grow. The LDC re-match will be off the charts. I think Edmonton and Calgary will battle for the top spot, so that'll be a huge game.

Sadly, living in Ontario, I can't go to any of the games. However, I do have tickets to go to the August 8 game when the Eskimos play in Hamilton. I'll be there with my Eskimos t-shirt and hat! :smiley:

Make a big provocative sign (or maybe just carry a big enough flag) and we might be able to see you on the TV.

I'm not a fan of signs. I'll be the guy swimming in his green Eskimos t-shirt (all they had left was XL :lol: ), and wearing a bright yellow Eskimos hat.