Attendance Last Night?

Looked terrible from the stands (with the 1st quarter looking 1/2 empty) and even at the half the concourses seemed less crowded than usual. I did the full turn around the stadium while in costume (I was the guy in his doctoral gown, hat, and a Ticat hood carrying a yellow football--- strangely many people not recognizing the attire thought I was a priest or judge...oh well) and many of the corners that are usually crowded seemed quite quiet.

15000 maybe.

With a now 7-10 record and the mediocre football being played ,its hard for fans to get motivated to go even if they are ssh’s .
For out of towners like me , it is even harder to make the effort, plus justify the 3 hour drive each way , add to that the expense of a hotel room and meals and gas , etc.

8) The stands have been less than 18, 000 for the last several games, despite what the TiCats claim are sell out games.
    And don't try and say that many people are standing on the concourse level !!    For some reason even STH are not 
    even bothering to show up !!

    I sit in the Club Level, and there are rows of empty seats in my area

    This has been for the last 3 games at least, so despite what the TiCats say, these game are far from sold out !!   <!-- s:oops: -->:oops:<!-- s:oops: --> 


If the tickets are sold, then they count. Actual attendance (the number of tickets scanned) doesn’t matter - the team has the money…

Official attendance was 24,031. And it was the 25th straight sell out.

I was unfortunately unable to make the game a couldn't find any friends or coworkers who would or could. :frowning:

I was then at Mac for an event with the girlfriend, and a guy walked up to offered me tickets since I had my Cats hat on.

So there are definitely tickets out there being bought and not used, but at this point I'm not sure how much stock we should put in that "sellout streak" anymore. And yes, the tickets are sold so the team has the money, but we should still be concerned because even if they've bought their tickets, they aren't spending money on food, drinks, or merch at the game.

wait to see the next game it will be worse as the game will mean nothing more and more discounted tickets going around

I believe the shiny lustre is wearing off the team and the coach and most who want to see the new stadium have seen it! It is the same old Tiger-Cats underachieving! Season ticket sales might be a struggle for next year!

There is a reason for the empty seats even if they are sold!

i agree i have had season seats since 2006 and this year i will not be renewing not because of the team but how they run the team with discounted tickets everywhere .there was new people sitting in front of me in section 115 and they got the tickets cheaper than my season seats $65 FOR 55 YARD LINE . there is no benefit for being a season seat holder except sitting in the same seats .the gimmicks are stupid 4% cashback if you renew early but they raised your ticket price to counter this . food is crap also just my thoughts

I agree - in stadium attendance has been pretty bad the last few home games. If those tickets really have been sold - about 20% - 25% are going unused - which is a huge no-show rate for a sport like football that only has 9 home games.

I suspect they will have some trouble with their season ticket numbers next year. I know if my season tickets were going unused a few games each year - I would not renew and instead would look at buying a flex pack or two of games I knew I could make it to once the schedule comes out or waiting to just buy tickets on a game to game basis once the season was going.

Yep, you hit the nail right on the head Pat, I have Season tickets (2 platinum) and have been at only 4 games this year , last one was Labour Day, next one will be the playoff game .
So, out of 11 games I will have made 5 games in 2016.

For me , because of the travel and expense involved and not knowing whats else is on the day of the game (like weddings etc ) , I am going to wait till I see the schedule and buy game to game , the 6 games we did not attend I gave my tickets away or they went unused .

The product on the field also does not help , poor play , too much player turnover every year , no running game , Austin coaching decisions / antics at times , etc all factor in .

The big selling point a few years ago when I first went to season's tickets, was, with the discount, I could get 2 season's seats for about the same cost as 2 five game flex packages, plus the season's tickets included pre-season and play-off tickets.

I had been going to about 5 games per year for a number of years, so the deal made sense. Maybe others were in the same boat. Still going to 5 or so games, but the other 4 are unused? Spread those 4 unused tickets around all the season ticket holders and that is a lot of no-shows for any given game? Me, I bought 'em, so I use 'em, every game except last Friday, when my son and grand-son went.

As I have said before, the four seats next to us have not been used all season, and when I asked the ticket agent this past year if I could get a couple for friends to join us, he said they were season's tickets and were sold. Scalpers, corporate, who knows?

Too many thursday friday night games… I have 3 seasons and have not been able to make it to any of the thursday friday games… Give me more Saturday games

Couldn't agree more re. Thursday and Friday night games!! Way too many! It's such a hassle trying drive, park, and get to your seats before kick-off. Saturday or Sunday games are MUCH more enjoyable when you're able to relax, arrive in plenty of time, and just enjoy the game.

I work in West Toronto, and commute by car daily. Luckily I have every other Friday off, and for the most part, the Friday games are on my days off.

Having said that, I know I'm not the only one who has a ridiculous commute to work. The Fridays that I do work, I'm lucky if I can make it home before 630, then try and drive down to the stadium and find parking. The Lime Ridge shuttle is great for getting to the game, but a huge pain when trying to leave.

Saturday games would be more ideal. Having less traffic on the roads, and more time to relax before heading off to the game, maybe get down early and watch some warm ups, grab a decent meal beforehand. Might make for a better all around experience.

I know in the past that people complained about Dat or Sun games because of family commitments. (Kids sports, weddings, family dinners, etc). Also competing with the NFL late in the season hurt as well.
You can't please everyone. I think that they've tried to make it so most people can get there in time.
I like the Thursday or Friday night games. Gives me more time with grandkids on the weekends. :thup:

My only complaint this year was the lack of games in July and Aug. then a whole bunch in a row earl Sept and Oct. They should be spread out more.

I personally missed 3 games because I was away for three weeks. I understand that's my problem but if the schedule had been more balanced I may have only missed one.

You are 100% correct and I am doing the exact same, so that equals 4 more seats available in Sec. 115.
I’m very tired of the TiCat “way to do business”. More get’s taken away for the real STH and more is given back to fickle fans. If they want the fickle fans…they can have 'em.
I’ve made the choice to enjoy via a comfy couch. no line up in my own washroom & cheaper beer & WAY better food that is actually hot! …then again they will need to actually produce quality football because that’s not what I’m seeing out on that field.


I shudder to think what the stands will look like for the season finale on Saturday against Montreal. I mean let's face it this game being an absolute nothing game with regards to the playoffs with no bearing on the regular standings I wouldn't be surprised to see THF looking more like BMO was for Toronto this other words EMPTY !!!

The way I'm looking at this game and seeing it is basically as the first preseason game of the 2017 season . Both teams will most likely be using their "B" squads for this one. Hamilton because they can't move up or down in the standings and will want to avoid any further injuries plus they'll want to give what's left of their depleted starters on the roster a rest before the ESF. The Alouettes on the other hand having already been eliminated will basically be using this one for open ended tryouts for next seasons training camp.

Sorry but I've got better things to do with my time next Saturday than attend what will basically be akin to a preseason affair that means absolutely nothing when it comes to the final standings. The sad thing about it though is I've got a strong feeling that I'm not alone on this and it will show when the game starts and the stands are three quarters empty.

AND this Sat theres 3 games to watch - WTH?