Attendance in Vancouver and Toronto

Toronto with a population of over six million and Vancouver with a population of two million plus have dismal fan support, most obvious when TSN telecasts the game to both Canada and the world. Telecasts from Toronto and Vancouver especially is an embarrassment with so few fans and thousands of empty seats I wonder why they bother to broadcast games from these two stadiums. It only gives the CFL in my opinion, as a professional sport, second rate and I give the CFL two thumbs down.

And now with split screens, live mic and players unable to speak proper English it leaves me wondering just what in blazes are some of players saying to momma.These games are now a total turn off. Thank goodness for Ottawa, Hamilton, Regina and Winnipeg. Ok, Calgary and Edmonton. Great fan support there!

I have been a fan of the CFL since 1959, and have routinely attended games in all CFL cities. At great personal cost… flights, hotels beer etc.

hate split screens
hate live mic
hate that fans don’t go to games

still want to watch every game as I pay little attention to the “crowd”.

viva la football

And your first post is to trash the CFL.

So go to the two cities in question and tell people to buy tickets. Nothing wrong with the fantastic athletes in this league.

He or she have already left. Did a hit and run.

hate split screens hate live mic hate that fans don't go to games

still want to watch every game as I pay little attention to the “crowd”.

viva la football

Well said

What I find interesting is how tsn cameras are aimed at the “empty” side of the stands. For example for whatever reason at bmo one side of the stadium is crowed the other side almost empty. Of course the tv camera is aimed at the empty side. Why? Aim at the side that is almost full. Some would say that is giving a false impression of a full stadium. My reply is why give a false impression of a empty stadium? This weird phenomenon of one crowded side and one empty side also happens in Montreal and sometimes Hamilton.
Anybody else notice it?

I think that happens at BMO because the preferable west side for fans is also where the infrastructure for media was built.

I wonder if MLSE has considered lowering ticket prices on the east side just to entice more fans over there to look better on TV.

Not sure if TSN can do it, but what about putting the cameras on the east side?
The west side is pretty full. Also, they should tarp the upper deck. It made a huge difference at the Rogers Centre for the atmosphere.

Thanks for your input

At BMO Field, the west stands are preferable because, since the games are played in the afternoon or evening, the sun beats down and/or the sun light is in one’s eyes in the east stands. Experienced attendees know to get tickets in the west stands as a result.

Unfortunately, all of the infrastructure for broadcasts is also on the west side, and that would be expensive to move.

Also unfortunate that the west stands are usually quite full but no one sees that on TV.