attendance guesses for bmo today

Ticket master looking like a good 80-90% of tickets sold. Could a walkup crowd sell this thing out?

Im guessin at least 25,000 today

22,000 - 23,000

Hard to say - probably 25,000+ tickets distributed and 21,000 or so actually there.

They gave away a bunch of freebies apparently to youth groups and extra tickets to season ticket holders - so hopefully all those who got freebies got into the hands of people who will show up so that the place is close to full.

The weather is hot and sunny so I'm sure people will appreciate the canopies.

Maybe a fair number of fans will even head there from the Jays game down the road where they have over 45,000 today. I know that is the plan for a couple of my friends who have Argos season tickets. They are at the Jays game now and plan on heading to BMO from there if "not too fried in the sun at Rogers Centre" is what my friend said.

Hot and sunny? what happened to all the talk about the field being chewed up because of the heavy rains and the fans getting drenched because the winds would be blowing too?
Lots of sports today in the area, the Jays, the Euro on TV at the same time. But I think CFL fans are a different breed and are not affected by the Jays or soccer.
Lots of curious fans in the area plus Tiger Cat fans plus the 5k freebies and no TV so around 20k

The rain and thunderstorms they were forecasting earlier in the week - pretty much missed us here in Hamilton - but did roll through Toronto very early this morning. Now as you can tell if watching the Jays game it is bright sunshine with the current temp at the CNE a warm 31C.

Listening to the pregame show on TSN 1150 radio and they were just mentioning that it looks like it's going to be a pretty decent crowd especially for a preseason game for Toronto. I'm going to say between 18,000 and 21,000 for the game today. Sadly I couldn't make it today but we've got our tickets for the 23rd and simply can't wait to go to BMO to see the inaugural real football game played in that stadium. I've got a feeling that it's going to be an electric atmosphere at BMO that night. :rockin: :smiley:

Not a chance, my friend. Not even remotely close.

15 000 would be a nice crowd.

Well going by ticketmaster its no less than 23-24

Looks like a late arriving crowd if early shots on Twitter of the crowd are any indication. This shot from early in the game. (People will quickly learn - you've got to give yourself lots of time - even on a Saturday afternoon to get to BMO). Plus I think there will be a ton of no-shows for a pre-season game.

those end zone are going to be quite the home field advantage.

Going by reality - - actual fans in seats - - the East side grandstand is less than half full.

Will be interesting to hear the announced pretendance.

Here is a shot of the east stands and it does sort of look a lot like some of TFC's games from last season. :slight_smile:

I am not too concerned about how many people actually show up at this game. June 23 is the big one. (And in retrospect probably a good thing this game is not on TSN and having this crowd be people's first impression of the new Argos home. Better that the first impression people get on TV be that of a bigger crowd to help generate some buzz.

Wow, that looks like the Argos in the Rogers Centre. Can you imagine how worse it would be if it was a rainy cool day.

I thought it looked like a regular season TFC game!

Whatever it is. It is an epic fail

If BMO hold 27,000 for football, then there cannot be more than 12-13,000 there.

Not important the size of the crowd. What's important is those who are there, have a great time and bring some friends next time.

[b]Carl Jüng @Run22
@TSNDaveNaylor this was suppose to be the national soccer stadium. While media celebrates this no one asks why the National Team pt 1.

Carl Jüng ?@Run22
There's a whole lot of angry old white people mad at me because the Argos don't belong at BMO and the sport is slowly dying

Carl Jüng ?@Run22
Can't help but notice that the majority of Argos fans seem to be either white or old or both. #BMOField #NoArgosatbmo #TFC[/b]

David William Naylor @TSNDaveNaylor
.@Run22 read the city council minutes when stadium funding was approved. For soccer and football. Anything else is fiction.

Most of the social media posts from people that are there have been positive. And even a preseason game with just 12,000 - 13,000 people there would be so much better an atmosphere than most Argos games at Rogers Centre over the years.

Pinball seems to like it. :slight_smile:

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