Attendance Guess? Who comes closest?

My wife dropped into Jarvis St. to pick up a couple of extra tickets for the family for Labour Day and the family zone was about 4/5 full, it seems.

Several sections are sold out. What's the guess? If we had beat Sask. then it might have been a sell-out. A win in Edmonton next week might be as good.

My prediction: Win in Edmonton = 26,700.
Loss to Edmonton = 24,900.

This presumes decent weather.


I'll say 25,500. The way Ivor Wynne has been the last few games with smaller crowds the place should be bonkers on Labour Day

My standby answer since the mid-eighties:

25 or 6 to 4. :wink:

:D :D :D

Seriously, 26,000 and change if the Cats win in Edmonton.

Oski Wee Carnac,

I think it'll come down to the weather. 27,000 if we have a nice warm sunny day, 23,000 if there is possibility of rain.

Russ.... we could only wish for a larger stadium. Then we could have BEECHWOOD 45789* in attendance. :smiley:

PS - Great song in the Chicago canon. I think Feelin' Stronger just tops it for me, and for mellow my lady and I have Searchin' so Long and Wishin' You Were Here.

In fact, some 'wit' could string a number of Chicago titles into a story about the game. The titles above are suggestive in themselves.... but surely I digress significantly.

If the weather is decent, late afternoon game, no major competition sportwise, and with the way the team has been playing so far, and the way Toronto hasn't been, I can see 28,100.

The envelope with your answer was "hermetically sealed" and had been kept in "a mayonnaise jar on Funk and Wagnall's porch since noon today, I suppose."

P. S.

The answer: "A personal computer, Dolly Parton, and a Ford Pinto."
The question: "Name an apple, a pear, and a lemon."

Answer: Sis Boom Bah
Question: Describe the sound made when a sheep explodes.

And as for Edmonton this week, I say to them "may your only son become the goalie on a nude hockey team".


Plus several others watching at home. :wink:

What, no doomsayers?


Hey Mark, that is some of the best Carson material I've heard in a long time. I think you have missed your calling. You and Mike Short( Martin's taller brother) could be two of the Hammer's best comedy writers.Thanks for the chuckles. :lol: :lol:
Attendance- sellout

i doubt a win or loss to edmonto will affect it at all, i'll go with 27k.

Hamilton fans are weird, they have a hard core base that will support them no matter what but that only goes up to about 18k, the rest only show up to the odd games and labourday no matter how well the team is playing. The year we won the grey cup they only averaged 18k and the early Bob Young years they giving away 12k in tickets each game from what ive heard.

Im a hrdcore fan since i was 5 yrs old so for about he last 17 years and I can only afford to go to a few games a year 2 maybe three it gets expensive when you factor in that you need atleast 2 or 3 tickets than food and beer if you drink. But Labour day is the bigest game of the year and even fans who hardly get a chance to make it to games and fans who arent diehard usualy chose the labourday game as the must attend game... So Id say a win Edmonton = sellout I forget but i think thats 29,300 not sure though and a loss in edmonton wil cause an attendance of about 26000 and change.

28,146 Book It! :wink:



Starting to sound like 'The Price is Right' bidding in here.

By the way Pat, I can't take credit for it. That WAS genuine Carson material

27300 if the weather is good 22000 if not

I predict the game will be a sell-out. What is the current capacity at Ivor Wynne now?